Join Orly Taitz by Greeting Nancy Pelosi in Irvine (Updated!)

When we blogged the announcement from the Democratic Party of Orange County that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would be addressing the group at its annual awards dinner on Dec. 4, we speculated that Tea Partiers (or 'baggers, if you will) would show up outside with pitchforks and Hitler signs.

Turns out, the madame speaker will be greeted by the most patriotic/reality-challenged subset of the Tea Party movement: the birthers.

On her blog, Laguna Niguel's Dr. Orly Taitz writes that “All the patriots of CA should confront Pelosi, Dec 4, 4pm, John Wayne airport, Hilton” [sic, as always]. We first weren't sure whether that meant Taitz would be at the airport or at the Hilton, but the DPOC website clears it up. Their dinner will be at the Hilton Irvine by the Orange County Airport.

It's Taitz's contention that Pelosi has been complicit in Barack Obama's usurping of the presidency. That was also her contention when she picketed Bill O'Reilly in New York City–an effort that drew, at most, two dozen fellow protesters. There'll likely be more, though, for Nancy: It's on Taitz's home turf, and there's a good chance we'll see non-birther sign-wavers as well.

Hell, we might even see some public option proponents making their voices heard. You can bet, though, that at least one commenter will assert that any liberal picketers there will in actuality be Obots paid by Barry Soetoro to spy on Lady Liberty Taitz.

Update, 3:58 p.m. As suspected, other groups are also organizing protests. The OC GOP is throwing a “tea party” (tea parties are always nonpartisan, of course). The Repubs' website urges supporters to turn out and “be respectful but make your voice heard.”

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