John Wayne Classic Remade, Now With 100% More Grandson

The patron saint of Orange County aviation and ass-kickery lives! If you think we're going to rely on cowboy clichNs to write about John Wayne's grandson starring in a remade John Wayne movie, you're wrong. We're going to let the press release do that for us:

Thirty years after John Wayne – the
face the of the American Western – rode off into the sunset for the
last time, his grandson, Brendan Wayne, dusts off his grandfather's
cowboy hat for a role in “Angel and the Badman,” a remake of 'The
Duke's' 1947 classic, which was also the first film that Wayne served
as producer for.

The film will premier on July 5 on the Hallmark Channel. I guess they have as much a right to destroy a man's legacy as anyone, but let's throw some extra skepticism at this thing. The Hallmark company stands for gushy greeting-card poetry. What does John Wayne stand for? Our own Matt Coker put it nicely in '07:

John Wayne is not about gray areas.

John Wayne is not about faggy fogs of war.

John Wayne IS America, the greatest country ever created by God, forever and ever, amen.

In conclusion…. good luck, Brendan Wayne!

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