iPhone App Shows Recovery Money Spent Before Your Eyes

If we were the iPhone app-acquiring sort–actually, just if we had a coveted iPhone 3GS–we'd snap up this thingy from public-disclosure advocacy org Sunlight Labs.

It's runs off of Layar's “augmented reality” app, whereby you point your phone a certain direction and see, on the display, everything your eyes see–but marked up with extra data. It's like Pop-Up Video for real life. It also works with the Android operating system.

The extra data in this case? The places where government stimulus money is being spent.

Yes, you can see most of this stuff online already by typing in your zip code at Recovery.gov. But it's a cool idea: You can walk around, say, John Wayne Airport and see all the worthy money-getters with sweet-sounding names like “DrapeStyle Inc.” and “Noble Consultants Inc.”

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