How to Save a Class at Santa Ana College: Parking Raffle!

As the price of education continues to rise and class availability
continues to decrease, Santa Ana College's Associated Student
Government has devised a new plan to help their fellow students keep
the classes they need to graduate.

Since the last fund-raiser, a fruit-cup sale, students in charge of
raising funds have come up with another creative idea to save classes;
selling  $5 raffle tickets for the ever-elusive parking spots close to
main campus.
“We want to do this,” Alex Flores, student body president, said.
“[SAC's student government] is committed to make classes available for 
students, we can't sit back and just let classes continue to disappear.”

The Rancho Santiago Community College system has already cut $10.5
million, and as the economy continues to flail more cuts will surely

According to SAC's website, 25% of the budget for summer school has been
cut, just as winter intersession was completely canceled.

Flores explains that each class cost about $4,500 and as the budget
continues to decrease, important classes like the necessary “Golden
Four” needed to transfer to the UC's and CSU's will be harder to

By buying tickets students can now take matters into their own hands and put more money into the Summer Rescue Fund, SRF.

Since the beginning of the year, students of SAC have asked for
donations through Facebook, Myspace, and have opened an account with
the Santa Ana College foundation so donations can be tax-deductible and
the SRF can continue to grow.

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