[Hey, You!] Giddy Up, Gideon!

You are the Gideon member who placed a Bible in our room or, at the very least, sent a shipment of Bibles to the hotel where we stayed to celebrate our wedding anniversary. My wife looked through all the drawers, and when she saw the Bible in the nightstand, she asked, “They still do that?” We appreciate the fact that you want to save the world by saturating it with your color-coded Bible; however, placed in the context of a modern beachside-hotel room, your book looks about as useful as a copy of TV Guide from 1973. WeNre not weary travelers in need of salvation; weNre just two people who need a break from our kids so we can make love without interruption. Actually, I guess we are weary travelers. ThatNs why we put the “do not disturb” sign on the door.

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