[Hey, You!] Forget It, Dude. It's Whiteytown

Last night, I stopped a 16-year-old girl in the parking lot of Albertsons in Huntington Beach because she was wearing an Obama T-shirt with ObamaNs face covered by a monkey mask. I asked her and her friends (about six kids total) what the T-shirt meant. She politely answered, “Well, Obama is a nigger.”

So I asked her not to use that word around me and asked if her parents knew about this. She said very proudly, “My dad gave it to me, and HE thinks Obama is a nigger!”

WOW! I told her that she has the right to feel that way, but it does make you look and sound pretty ignorant and stupid. As I walked away, she and her friends shouted, “Keep it white!”

Listen, kid, instead of “keeping it white,” I suggest possibly getting out of your little Orange County security blanket and learning a thing or two. If you canNt manage that, then please just try to read a history book. If you canNt manage that, then just stay in H.B.; get your pit bull, wallet chain and pickup truck; and, please, DO NOT BREED.


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