[Hey, You!] Don't Drinko and Drivo

DonNt Drinko and Drivo

Look, cabrĂ³n: INm all viva la raza and shit. But youNre a disgrace to all fat Mexican men. First off, donNt drink and drive. If you do, donNt drive during the day. If you do, donNt crash into a car. If you do, donNt hit-and-run. If you do, donNt abandon your car right before an entrance to Interstate 5. If you do, donNt take off running. If you do, donNt run into oncoming traffic. If you do, donNt throw up on the doorstep of a house. And, finally, if you do all of what I said you shouldnNt, donNt end your escapade by finding a lawn, laying down on it and promptly going to sleep. Pendejo.

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