[Hey, You!] Close Enough for Government Work

I was among the applicants taking the Census test at the Long Beach Goodwill on PCH. It was a 30-minute, 28-question test, featuring things like alphabetize these files, add these numbers, figure out these directions from looking at this map—all real-world stuff. A passing score was 10 right out of 28 questions. Of the 20 or so applicants, five were retaking it. One of those retesters was a young woman with a do-rag on her head, a soda in her hand and no writing utensil. She was accompanied by two males around her age: One was in baggy sweat pants, and the other was wearing a knit cap with his long hair in an unkempt ponytail. The second guy failed the test. After the testing period was over, the woman began eating sunflower seeds. I would not let people like this past my door after dark to question me about jack.

So imagine my incredulity when you, the test administrator, glibly told people to come back and retest as many times as they needed to in order to pass. This is the Census! Federal money is on the line here! When 2012 rolls around and that daycare center in my community still has not opened, INll wonder how many other morons got passed along by half-assed administrators like you.


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