[Hey, You!] Broken Spokes

On a recent Friday at 5 p.m., I was riding my bike through the intersection at Via Lido and Balboa Boulevard, heading toward the beach. You were the fortysomething woman who never looked before turning and hit me as I rode through the crosswalk. I had the right of way. I was not hurt, but you spun me around and bent the wheel of my bike and scared the shit out of me. You did pull over but never got out of your silver SUV. I came to your passenger-side window to tell you I was shaken but okay and asked if youNd help to pay to repair the damage you caused. I figured youNd hand me $20 and maybe offer to give me and my bent bike a ride home. Instead, you repeatedly yelled, “I didnNt knock you down” and that my bike was fine. Then you sped off. I was still shaking as I walked my unridable bike home. It cost me $45 for the new wheel frame. The next time you hit someone with your car, assuming heNs still alive, please donNt yell at him.

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