Great Moments in Orange County Adultery

Bud Hood joins Mike Carona's campaign for sheriff. Hood later reports that George Jaramillo, one of Carona's assistant sheriffs, had routinely asked him to develop film featuring naked photos of dozens of women (including Jaramillo's wife) and claimed to have bedded all of them. Hood also stated under oath that Jaramillo had engaged in an affair with porn actress Shyla Stylez—you know her, she's the blonde with the big breasts. In 1999, Jaramillo was observed receiving oral sex in his offical Crown Victoria by an undercover narcotics agent in Huntington Beach. Jaramillo insisted he was merely giving the woman legal advice—note to self: do not ask George Jaramillo for legal advice—but Hood testified that Jaramillo later owned up to the deed and admitted that the woman in question was a County employee. What is it about married Mormon sheriffs that just screams, “DO ME”? Dudes get crazy laid!

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