Friday's Headlines. No Surprises: Cracking down on rehab homes

  • Cracking down on rehab homes: Newport Beach is getting stricter with the city's dozens of oceanside sober-living and drug-treatment houses and plans to unveil a set of rules “designed to eliminate the deleterious effects on the character of the neighborhoods” today. Residents unnerved by this recent development are expected to show up at a Tuesday meeting. (Druggies and alcoholics fighting for their rights… should be quite a show!) Mayor Steve Rosansky says he won't be surprised if legal challenges pop up from rehab home companies, reports the Register.
  • “Froyo” wars and reverse publishing: Register foodie blogger Nancy Luna blogged about Cold Stone Creamery creating a product to compete with the frozen yogurt market last month. Today, the slightly expanded story made it into print.
  • Scams for the rich and stupid: What kind of idiot falls for a face-to-face version of the popular “help, I'm loaded with foreign currency but can't transfer the dough and need YOU to lend me money which I will return when I'm finally able do do something with these worthless millions. . .” e-mail scam? More than one guy in Irvine, apparently.
  • Garden Grove deaths: On Sunday, Garden Grove police shot Trinidad Ornelas, an allegedly unarmed schizophrenic man, to death, reports the Times. The cops say they found Ornelas choking his mother in the front yard. Meanwhile, the Daily Pilot reports that OC coroners have identified the unclothed, tatted body found in the Santa Ana River last Saturday as Marvin Alexander Ceron, 30, of Garden Grove. Investigators still aren't sure how the body got there.

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