Family First

It's all about hand-crafted artwork, creativity and talent—just think really nice, original, handmade knickknacks. But this is all to be expected from an arts-and-crafts festival that advertises itself as having “Gifts to Warm the Heart, Accessories That Make a Home.”

For three days this November, the Sugar Plum Arts N Crafts Festival once again makes an appearance at the Orange County Fair N Exposition Center.

The festival features specialized arts and crafts to commemorate the season. And with an early November showing, you'll be sure to find Thanksgiving-inspired decorations, food, clothing and jewelry.

So if you're in need of gifts for those family members you never see except during the Thanksgiving holiday (and thus those family members whom you don't really know, but you have to buy a gift for because they're family and all), you're bound to find something at the Sugar Plum Festival for everyone. For the little ones, there are dolls, stuffed animals and games. For the accessory-lovers, there's jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings) and bags (purses, totes, etc). Plus, there are plenty of desserts and snacks for sale, like turkey-shaped cookies.

It's a great event for the family. Although, as a warning to the guys: You may just find yourself stuck with a purse after your mother/daughter/wife/sister gets a good look at all there is to buy. But, if you go, you're bound to get at least a gold star in their book. And I guess if that doesn't convince you, quality time with the wife and kids should—right?

Sugar Plum Arts N Crafts Festival at the Orange County Fair N Exposition Center, Bldg. 10, 88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa; Thurs.-Fri., Nov. 8-9, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat.-Sun., 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Free.

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