Expect a Big Crowd at Thursday's OC Microsoft Store Opening

The Microsoft mall gods have blessed the Shops at Mission Viejo with the honor of being home to the second ever Microsoft retail story in the world. Why Mission Viejo? We're betting they want to staff the store with Nadadores, but who really knows.

The store opens Thursday. The Mission Viejo Dispatch previews:

A large white curtain should drop at 10 am to permit entrance and to expose of the large digital video wall… The first 1,000 people are expected
to receive gift bags containing a $25 gift certificate, a ticket to the
5 o'clock Justin Bieber concert, and few dollars worth of small items. 
It is expected the concert will be in the parking lot outside of the
mall, but the exact site is unknown… In Scottsdale, Microsoft fans waited outside for up to 12 hours before the opening, according to Seattlepi.com. 

The store's opening comes on the heels of the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft's new operating system. There's an Apple store already at the Shops at Mission Viejo — I know because it took the place of my beloved childhood Wizards of the Coast store — so it should be interesting to see how this new joint fares. Apparently, Apple's taking no chances: They recently rennovated their Mission Viejo store.

Camping out? Let us know.

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