Confused Fox Lady Asks Chuck DeVore to Speak for All Politicians

Irvine State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Twitter), who's hoping to be California's next senator, went into not-so-hostile territory today by appearing on Fox News. He taped an online-only interview with Fox's Dr. Cynara Coomer, a member of the prestigious “Fox Medical A-Team.” The clip below is only interesting because of how mumble-y and weirdly clueless Coomer seems to be.

“I actually want to meet a politician who can actually explain to
me about the benefits that we can really look forward to to health-care
reform,” Coomer says to DeVore at the start of the video. She wants to meet “a politician.” Any politician! She seems to expect that Chuck DeVore, whose entire campaign strategy has been to become the #TCOT (that's “Top Conservative on Twitter,” grandpa), is going to talk about why the Democrat's health-care bill maybe isn't awful for America.

Coomer lays into why she thinks the reform bill is bad, and then asks,“Do most of our politicians feel the same way?”

Come on, Cynara. Sixty out of the 100 the politicians who were elected to the Senate to decide this thing definitely don't feel the same way. Pretty sure you don't have to ask DeVore about it to find that out. It's not like he's going to ever get to vote on this stuff anyway, unless Don Henley parodies turn out to be the key to swaying California's non-Tea Party voters.

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