Comic-Con 2007: Saw IV

If you're gonna whine to me about “torture porn,” don't read this.

But if you're a Saw fan like me who wants to know what comes next, here's the scoop…


Tobin Bell is back as Jigsaw. However, the character is really dead. Saw IV is not a prequel, there's no cheating, nor is there an identical twin. The “best ending” so far is promised; director Darren Lynn Bousman says the last five pages of the script sold him on returning. He originally took great pains to shoot the ending of part III in such a way that there could be no sequel, by making the deaths blatant and impossible to cut around. Production designer David Heckl will direct Saw V.

Well, that, plus Lionsgate agreed to let him make Repo, a “rock opera” about the repossession of body parts. It apparently has “as much as, if not more violence than in saw,” and “a lot of sex.” (comes out April 25.) His next film after that is a Scanners remake. First movie he says he remembers seeing when younger was Cannibal Holocaust.

The MPAA just saw the first cut of Saw IV and agve it an NC-17, saying it was too “intense.”

Comic-con tradition is to show the first five minutes of the next Saw movie; however, Con officials rejected the clip as too extreme.

But we still got a clip, so here's how it went:

The setting looks to be a church mausoleum. Two men wake up chained to each other via a machine in the center of the floor. One of them, a fat bald guy, has his eyes sewn shut. The other, a skinny white guy with frizzy curls, has his mouth sewn shut. As the two struggle, the chains start reeling in toward the machine. Likely outcome: strangulation for both.

Blind guy, not hearing a coherent response from mouth guy, assumes hostility and starts throwing stuff at him. Mouth guy sees the key to his collar on the back of eye guy's shackle. They fight. Mouth guy eventually beats eye guys head in with metal cross, takes the key, busts open the stitches on his mouth, and blood flows.

Producer Mark Burg: “If we made movies for the critics, you guys wouldn't want to see them.”

This critic says au contraaire, Mark. Can't wait to see what you've got.

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