Comic-Con 2007: Masquerade Ball liveblogging

Saturday night is costume contest time at Comic-Con.Let's try live-blogging this mofo while vaguely inebriated.

Logging in a bit belatedly. Line for free nachoes was huge — they went instantly.

Most costumes so far are cute li'l kids as Huntress, Rayden/Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, other similar heroes. Sand-People choir was funny.

Good Boba Fett to start.

Bollywood-style Medusa — nice concept.

Dr. Who costume not so good — but working Dalek w/lights is cool.

Ghost Rider w/bike — nice comedy. Hosts think bike is falling on him for real, and help him out. Giant villain then shows up, and GR ropes it in with chain.

White Witch of Narnia, played by young black girl. Music starts as “Ice Ice Baby,” then changes to more legit hip-hop

Iron Man — decent homemade suit. Points off for not using Black Sabbath song. Flexes iron butt. Wait…now Sabbath is kicking in. Guy in costume looks pissed momentarily, then starts doing air guitar. Crowd loves it.


Weird anime guy — looks like young kid, but might be anorexic model.

“I'm bringing Lara back” — Wow. It's like ten chicks in Lara Croft costumes. All hot. Each in different game outfit. Some more convinced of own hotness than others…those less ceratin shake ass. Now all are dancing to “Sexyback.” Not all can dance, but damn, who cares?

“Jolly Holiday, Mary Poppins” : Nice Mary Poppins costume. Good idea for not-young woman. Nice curtseys and form. Crowd digs it.

Pinky and the Brain — Nice giant mouse suits. Brain has a sign that reads “Huge, aren't we?” They start dancing to “tequila.” Brain has new sign saying we're now hypnotized. Pinky has Pee-wee Herman moves.Brain's sign now says “Dance humans dance!”

General Grievous — not bad for a suit with guy inside. Real Grievous is too thin to be human, but this guy's pretty good with the dual lightsaber twirl.

Elaborate video game skit — nice costumes — oh wait, looks like they're using the anime framework to do a Scooby-Doo parody. Amateratsu — know the name? I don't recognize it offhand, but now they're playing a parody song involving that character and Scooby. Seems like it might be pretty funny if I knew the whole deal.

Narnia — White Witch costume, as “I'm Too Sexy” plays. Joke gets old fast.

Anime fight, oh yeah, interrupted by Pyramid Head from Silent Hill! Love the P-He. Need action figures, stat.

Lucifer's Halo: Joseph Michael Linsner-esque Dawn and Satan — good costumes, nice pseudo-pagan music. Actors could be more striking, though.

Bathroom break time.

OK, nothing missed. Cheesy dragon costume, then Harry Potter musical skit using Grease songs. Audience gets a surprising amount of Grease jokes — must be disproportionate amount of women here watching, realtive to rest of Con.

Videogame battle, with Megaman, Devil May Cry Dante, Bloodrayne, more…stand off battles. Nicely scored with game music plus appropriate themes. Gun versus gun, blade on blade…oh shit, the last fight is a dance-off! But Mega-Man baddie wins by cheating when he shoots his foe. Now another dance-off. Dante actor is buff, and the fans like him when he dances to “My Milkshake.”

Beetlejuice! Wow, it's the final version with carnival headgear and giant hammer hands! Whoa, and his headpiece carousel is motorized! This guy rocks it. Best so far.

Wolfman Jedi — not bad, but looks more like fast-food mascot than Star Wars hero.

Sara Pezzini, Witchblade — oh yeah. Obligatory hot chick in nearly-nude “costume.” She'll get a prize.

Uhhhh…another anime guy, dancing to “I'm Too Sexy.” I don't get it. Music keeps changing, and he dances a bunch, but the costume's still not good.

Another Silent Hill? “I accidentally set it to hard mode” LOL. Bathrooms are filthy. “Sorry Harry, you can't skip this part, it's a cutscene.” Cop sings “Always look on the bright side of life.” Monsters out now, including fat ghost nurse. Finally, Pyramid Head, but not as good as the previous one. Kinda funny, but the problem is they're taking an already outrageous joke (singing at the crucifixion), and making it milder, ultimately. Hardly so radical to critique Silent Hill.

Lone Wolf, sans Cub. Nice cart. Actor not so hot. Any point? Oh, now kid's onstage in Rayden hat. Makes some moves. Lights go out. Yawn.

Warcraft — huge ovation from viewing room. Snake woman and skeleton girl complaining about being killed so much. Arguing with each other. Longhair with sword comes out. Women start pitching him on being a level boss. His cell rings, with Rick Astley ringtone. Large server disconnection notice goes up, raised by unseen extras. Funny.

The Gentleman Ghost — beheaded ghost, with top hat suspended above his robes. Joke about being at a stupid convention full of stupid geeks. Boos. tries to shoot self in head, but has no head. Laughter. Not bad recovery.

Jem and the Holograms! Nice idea, and identity-swapping behind a screen. But this is a costume contest, and clotehs aren't great..oh wait, The Misfits! Hilarious '80s glam look worn by fat chicks. Using real Jem songs. Great cheap pop. A for conception, but clothing, not so much.

Full Metal Alchemist. Guy in boring blue outfit. Oh nice — Captain Planet and the Planeteers! Cheap nostalgia, but the Captain Planet costumes are spot-on, and damn, they're doing the whole theme song! “The power is yours!” Al Gore before his times.

Fat chick dancing…wow, doing cartwheels! And spin-kicks! Not kididng, this chick is like, Rosie O'Donnell fat, but she can move. Good for her. I don;t want to see her belly, though. Gets a good pop for being shameless. Much respect.

Rebel dreams. Three Princess Leias as Dreamgirls. All three are hotter than Carrie in the first movie. Now Han Solo as James Thunder Early. Which one is Effie…none are fat? Re-recording of songs not so good…maybe should have used different singers. But good idea.

Macbeth words over dark. Oh, White Witch again, but uglier. And now she's gone.

Cats the musical. No wait…pussycat dolls. With Black Cat, Catwoman, more. Hott. Guaranteed prize here. Oh shizzle, now giant Tony the Tiger, Felix,and Cheshire Cat are out here. Great punchline, and good outfits too. Awful rapping they're lip-syncing, but outfits are good.

We have a winner. Robotech Mospeada suit — the guy whose bike transformed into battle armor. Suit probably doesn't transform, but the most elaborate so far.

Trinity Blood — girl dressed in Pope-type outfit. Curtsies. Fancy but boring.

Jawa with light-up eyes. Facing down something, buit what? Tusken Raider.. But jJwa has gun. Shoots, wins.”Utinni!”

Sheng Long. Chinese dragon carried by two people, cheesily. One has blue jeans on.

Necromongers. Wow, who knew the Riddick movie inspired such things? Nice armor, but “Riddick” doesn't look like Vin Diesel in the least.

Pirate Captain. Fat woman. Way too late in the show for this. She got nothing.

Devastator. Transfromers Construction hybrid. Costume is more basic than it ought to be — doesn't look like six robots in one — but the guys robot-dance moves are smooth. Plus always good to hear 1985 movie theme song. Looks more like Lego thanj Transformer. Still more effort in this than fat pirate chick.

Venetian Masquerader. Chick w/purple hair in elaborate dress. Not bad, but…Suicide Girl in Renaissance attire? Who is this for?

Tinkerbell. NOT!!!!!! Oh, she just raised her wings. Decent gimmick, I suppose. But not very fairy-like overall.

Sandman. Neil Gaiman version, not WWE wrestler. But using Metallica song. The Endless are kinda funny, but outfits are basic. If they did a cartoon, these guys would be OK for voice actors…and now they're singing “Mr. Sandman,” dancing in line. Can we be more obvious? “Peachy keen”?

final contestant, #51, isssss…an Anime chick with huge hair that looks like shrimp antennae. And two more…four more…huge headdresses on all…dunno who they bare. Benny Hill music now playing. To what end? They're not moving. A-Team theme? Now a highway repair crew are taking them out. I don;t get it.

Seriously, no pics are needed here. All the images of costumes Janine got during the week are better than these contestants. Some years are great for Masquerade, but not this one so much.

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