Chuck DeVore Tweets on the Issues!

Chuck Amok

To best get a sense of Senate candidate Chuck DeVoreNs stance on local, national and international matters, the Weekly decided to ask him to reply to our questions via Twitter. Its 140-character limit forced DeVore to boil down complicated answers into easily digestible opinions. We commend Chuck for being game and encourage readers to ask him their own questions at

@chuckdevore Gracias for letting me hear you speak. Now, the issues: energy policy?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano More domestic energy production: modern nuclear power, oil and gas. Reduce reliance on imports. Conservation tax credits.

@chuckdevore Bigger threat: Commie China, nuclear Iran, borderless Mexico?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano China, hands down. 5x population of U.S., economy soon to equal, then pass U.S., historical grievances against the West.

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano BTW, did you see my Big Hollywood piece on comedian Paul Rodriguez and CANs water wars failed:

@chuckdevore Paul is great! Which leads to the next question: water policy for CA?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano California needs more water storage and more conveyance. Our jobs and prosperity are dependent on water.

@chuckdevore War on drugs good/bad: why?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Illegal drug use is down 25% in 30 years. In a welfare state legalizing drugs shifts resp. of bad decisions to taxpayers.

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano If you DMed me, I could write a few more characters, you name is so dang long.

@chuckdevore Haha. Live by technology, die by technology! Whither 12 million or so illegals?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Secure border 1st. Immigrants who follow rules mustnNt be behind people who cut. Pay fine, get in line and wait your turn.

@chuckdevore Public education.

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Federal public ed. role hasnNt been entirely helpful. More local and state control. My wifeNs a teacher; kids in public ed.

@chuckdevore Public transportation: good/bad?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Federal government should reduce role in public transit. If local areas want it, they should run it as they wish.

@chuckdevore The bailout . . .

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano I publicly opposed the bailouts. Tax money to Wall Street. Creates moral hazard. Must be penalty for failure. Inflationary.

@chuckdevore War on Terror?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Al-Qaeda must be destroyed. Eradicating terror as a tool for evil is distinct from eliminating the enemies that use it.

@chuckdevore Should gvmt. bother with Nroid scandal in bb?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Baseball should clean up its own act (ticket sales will drive this). Pols horn in on it because they love the spotlight.

@chuckdevore Abortion?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Until we know when life really begins we need to give the unborn the benefit of the doubt. Gov. should not encourage it.

@chuckdevore Hemp?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano LetNs free U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp, imported legally from 30+ nations. Hemp makes textiles N food supplements.

@chuckdevore Final one: gay marriage?

chuckdevore@GustavoArellano Marriage is between 2 eligible people of the opposite sex. Elton John said: marriage is for heteros, civil unions for gays.

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