Chalk Up Another Good Movie Night

Co-producer Larkin Akel, a resident of Irvine, will be appearing this weekend at the Friday and Saturday 7 p.m. screenings of her movie Chalk, opening at the Westpark cinema, 3755 Alton Pkwy., Irvine.

I had a chance to see Chalk last year at the Los Angeles Film Festival, before it was officially a Morgan Spurlock presentation. It's a great comedy that has been accurately compared to The Office and Waiting for Guffman . . . I might even add Reno 911 to that list (if you like all three of those, it'd be a crime to miss this). It's a deadpan, documentary-style look at high school teachers in Texas, and the cast and crew, while not stars, have a very real chemistry that A-listers might have trouble duplicating.

If you check this out Friday, and then go to the Michael Moore sneak on Saturday, there's still time to see Evan Almighty on Sunday, which is when a movie about Noah's Ark seems most appropriate anyway.

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