Attention North-County Voters! Register to Replace The Dripper!

Monday is your last day to register to vote in the Assembly District 72 special primary.

Info on registration is at the OC Registrar of Voter's site.

If you're unsure of whether you're an AD72 constituent, you can use the State Assembly's ghetto website to figure it out. If you live in Brea, Fullerton or Placentia, you're in. If you live in Anaheim, La Habra, Orange or Yorba Linda… you might be in. Better check.

Why's it a “special” election?

1. It's not often you have to vote for who's going to replace an elected official that bragged, in a public meeting, about spanking a lobbyist.

2. It's a primary election AND a general election rolled into
one. There's five people on the ballot from three different parties. If
one candidate wins 50%-plus-one of the votes, they automatically win
the seat. If no candidates win a majority, then there will be a “special” general election between the top two vote-getters on January 12, 2010.

3. How interesting is it to see the local Republican ranks erupt into truly ugly civil war? Candidate Linda Ackerman has been
hammering candidate Chris Norby for being a sexual deviant; he has
hammered her with charges of corruption and carpetbagging. As an AD72 voter — even if you're not a Repub — you get the chance to decide which front-running candidate has come off as less repugnant. Or, you can consider the alternatives. The Democrat in the race, school teacher John MacMurray, is still
smelling like roses.


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