Newport Beach Wants More Wayne

As impressive as the statue of John Wayne is at Santa Ana airport, I've always preferred the one of the Duke on horseback in front of the Larry Flynt building in Los Angeles. Some might say that having a conservative icon adorning the building of a notorious libertine is inappropriate; I say they're both American originals, straight-shooters in their own unique fashion.

But it turns out the statue being there has nothing to do with Flynt, who, according to the LA Times, thinks a 50-foot penis would be more appropriate. Wayne's effigy dates from the days when the building belonged to Great Western Savings and Loan.

And now the city of Newport Beach is trying to obtain the statue so it can be moved back to John Wayne country. Says the article:

Newport Beach City Manager Homer Bludau declined to elaborate on how the city hoped to land the statue.

“There's a possibility that it might not happen. The more publicity that's generated about it, that increases the odds of it not happening,” Bludau said.

Oops. Maybe we shouldn't have said anything.

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