Newest Luxe Lonchera: Handa Rolla Masta

En route to check out a new lunch spot, we spotted this oceanic luxe lonchera in front of K1 Speed by the airport. Naturally, we got our pad see eew to-go and headed back for a look-see.

Handa Rolla Masta began just a couple of weeks ago, but the man behind the order window has been there, done that for longer than he was letting on. Actually, it was Amy (his wife) who was being slightly secretive.

After navigating me through their many options, Greg took my order. With the exception of a random pulled pork 'n eggs slider, it was a menu of hand rolls wrapped in soy paper. I settled on their pork katsu (not seen on their website) and a seafood twinky.

Depending on whether you enjoy fish tacos, this twinky was reminiscent of Rubio's variety. It was a hearty, fish sticky salmon crunch and melding of avocado, cream cheese, plus house sauce. Their soy paper was palpable, allowing the flavors to be examined further. I was also told this was the best seller. Not bad, yet I made a better connection with my katsu roll.

Garnished with slivers of grilled onion, my meal on wheels was a handy alternative to the fumbling of plasticware. Each bite was sauced and complemented by enough rice to tide us over as appetizers before digging into our noodle dish.

The nagging sense of deja vu got us thinking: doesn't their mascot remind you of Sharka? Either way, we welcome Handa Rolla Masta to the growing collection of loncheras in these here parts.

To learn more about Handa Rolla Masta, please visit their Facebook page.

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