New Music From Dirty Projectors And Björk…Together!

The Dirty Projectors just teamed up with the Icelandic pixie nymph Björk on a new
seven-song EP titled Mount Wittenberg Orca.
It sounds incredibly nerdy, but the
digital-only release was first conceived by Projectors' David Longstreth after he and Björk had a conversation about the birth of opera in small theaters in Italy in the 1500s. Longstreth and Björk share lead vocal duties on the EP, with Nat Baldwin on bass and the Projector femmes contributing backing vocals.

Like Björk's a cappella outing on 2004's “Medúlla,” these songs concentrate more on the human voice than they do on instrumentation. In fact, guitars and drums are almost entirely absent from the recording. The music was rehearsed in Brooklyn at the Rare Book Room and recorded as live as possible soon thereafter, with overdubbing of only certain lead vocals and solos.

“Mount Wittenberg Orca” can be yours for a charitable donation (there are
four donation levels: $7, $25, $50 and $100). All proceeds (that means
100 percent, folks) of your donation goes directly to the National
Geographic Society's Ocean Initiative which (duh) strives to protect the
world's oceans and its inhabitants. Listen to a track from the album, “All We Are,” below, or get
your copy here.

Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

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