New 'Lifetime' Series Spotlights Anorexia, First Episode, Filmed in OC, Airs Tonight

It was the late 80s, and a young girl battling anorexia had her face plastered on TV screens around the country. 

That girl was Tracey Gold, the child star who played Carol Seaver on The Growing Pains
Growing up in show business, the concept of anorexia was never too far off, and by age 11 she had been diagnosed with the disorder. She struggled with it for many years and has said publicly she thinks she got close to dying from the disorder.
She eventually recovered, though, and decided she wanted to help others, too. So, she turned to the medium she's most comfortable with — TV.


Her show about eating disorders premieres tonight on Lifetime, and the first of its six episodes was filmed in OC. The show, called “Starving Secrets with Tracey Gold,” tells the stories of six different people, their pasts and their struggles with eating disorders. 
The first episode tells the story of Melissa, who is undergoing in-patient treatment at Rebecca's House — an eating disorder treatment program with locations in Laguna Hills and Lake Forest.
Jonathan Abramson, director of marketing and communications at Rebecca's House, says he's excited to watch the episode, which was filmed last spring. “We haven't seen the final cut yet, but it should be good,” Abramson says, adding that he knows the patient is still doing well.  
To watch the episode, tune in to Lifetime at 10 p.m. tonight.  


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