New Josh Freese Album to Be Released on April Fool's, Sends Out Best Press Release Ever

Drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, DEVO, A Perfect Circle, the Vandals, etc.) made headlines last year with his ingenious marketing scheme promoting his solo record Since 1972. And now he's back for more: His next solo project, titled My New Friends, is set for an April 1 release date.

Memorably, Freese offered his (very devoted) fans a tiered pricing plan in promotion of his previous solo album, with “fan experience packages” from $250 for a meal at PF Chang's or Sizzler (your choice!) to $5,000 for a private tour of Disneyland and a personalized letter from Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard on his fave song off Since 1972.

So will he offering more packages to go along with My New Friends? Of course. The real question: How much would you pay to fly in Dexter Holland's plane or hold a séance with Tommy Lee?  

Freese says he'll probably do another round of lunch dates at the local PF Chang's and maybe some more thank-you phone calls as well. 

But here's the best part:

“I am going to
have a few involved 'packages' that will include everything ranging from
customized 'box sets' to having Dexter from The Offspring fly us in his
jet up to San Luis Obispo to go see Bubble Gum Alley (I think
if ya slip Dexter a C-note, he'll do a few doughnuts or wheelies on the
way back). I'm also trying to get Tommy Lee involved in a séance up at
Danny Lohner
's castle with one of the buyers, too.  Maybe have him DJ
while we get in touch with the spirit of Divine or Buddy Rich or

Freese also mentions in his press release that a portion of the profits from the sale of My New Friends will go to the 2011 Freese Family Hawaiian Vacation Fund. 

“I am proud of this record and hope the same 812 people who got the last one rush out and snatch this one up, too!” Freese exclaimed.

Freese will share
package details via his official website on March 28.

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