New Book Alleges Walt Disney Was A Gay Pedophile

There's lots of bizarre lore surrounding the legend of Walt Disney. Just off the top of our heads, we've heard he's a Communist (despite him being a founding member of the anti-communist Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals), a Nazi, a fascist, a racist, a homosexual, a cryogenically frozen head–and now, thanks to a new book by Darwin Porter, Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again, we can add pedophile to that list.

Reports, the book alleges that Disney was “fond of trying on his mother's make-up, clothes and high heels” as a child and that he could uh, “never get an erection for women.”

Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again! further alleges that Disney owned a Los Angeles apartment in order to meet up with various rentboys, including a man named Ralph Ferguson who has gone on the record stating that he received $100 for sex with Disney. 

And here's the real eyebrow-raiser: Author Porter also writes that Disney fell in love with  young star Bobby Driscoll, of Song of the South (1946) who also voiced Peter Pan.

Which might be another reason the Walt Disney Company wants you to forget Song of the South ever existed:

Anyway, further states:

Driscoll says he was “dropped like garbage when I was no longer a cute little kid and I didn't appeal to [Walt] anymore.”

Ew? Either way, keeping in mind the perpetual smoke and mirrors surrounding Disney, take it all with a grain of salt–the same book, according to an review, also alleges:

Charlton Heston was a bi-sexual lover of the young, Marlon Brando had
sex with his son Christian and daughter Cheyenne, and innumerable
Hollywood celebrities were gay prostitutes or bi-sexual prostitutes.

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  1. No sh-t Disney was a pedo, just like every male weirdo that works around children over there in Pedowood. Masonic satanic deviants all they are. There’s tons of subliminal sexual images and jokes in every Disney movie. There’s a cartoon on Disney channel right now, that has a government pedo symbol for man boy love on its character.

      1. This makes me cry . I met him as kid. When Disneyland opened he was on the lot a lot. I watched Disneyland being built. He was a hero making a place go take your kids to fairly affordable. Then he died and the hedonistic buyers raised prices so that many families could not go to Disneyland. Now it’s a lay a way plan. !

  2. Dr. Sean Hross tore into Walt Disney for his being the highest degree in Freemasonry and the studio’s first full length animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” where Hross shows with printed Swiss literature the evidence Switzerland’s highly corrupt government of which there are seven heads in those positions of power have referred to themselves as “dwarfs” for decades if not far longer since the Templar’s founding in 1291. The film displays all sorts of Masonic and Templar symbolism including the “fleur-de-lis” French Mason symbol on the book dealing with death. There’s one on disguises, surely like those featured in “Eyes Wide Shut.” “Snow White” had a very significant release date to Masons and Satanists — December 21, 1937 on the first day of the winter solstice — a massively important date to Freemasons.

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