New Atmosphere Video

“Shoulda Known” is a departure for Minneapolis hip-hop unit Atmosphere. I've watched/listened to the video (directed by Bo Hakala) thrice and I'm still not sure if I'm feeling it. The scenario comes off like a “risqué” American Apparel advert and the music ditches producer Ant's usual vintage-soul/funk foundations and seems to be going for some of that coveted hipster-electro demographic. You just feel wrong viewing it without wearing an all-over print hoodie and jauntily tilted ballcap. Still, Slug's storytelling lyrics are as evocative as ever, even if the delivery is less fiery than in the past.

You can download the MP3 of “Shoulda Known” here. It's the lead single from Atmosphere's new album, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (out April 22 on Rhymesayers).

Atmosphere appear at LA's Henry Fonda Theater May 6-7.

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