Neo-Nazis Get Their Asses Kicked During Reagan Youth Show at Garden Amp [Now With Video!]

Hitler is heiled. Then chaos ensues. (credit: Slim Shoots Bands)

One great thing about the recently revamped Garden Grove Amphitheater is that they know how to throw an awesome punk show. This past Sunday was no exception, as the lineup for A Punk Rock Food Drive donating canned foods for charity featured such classics as JFA, Corrupted Youth, Naked Aggression, and Reagan Youth. If you happened to drive past the show or even if you were in attendance, there’s a chance that you didn’t see anything out of the ordinary for a punk show–fluorescent mohawks, studded jackets, etc. On top of that, the show was meant to benefit a good cause. However, for those with a keen eye for scene politics and factions, it was a tense night. A group of neo-nazis made their presence known during the middle of Reagan Youth’s set. One neo-nazi, who was wearing a Skrewdriver shirt (more on that later) was asked to leave the show for being belligerent. When he refused, he and his cronies started hurling racial slurs at surrounding audience members on the side of the stage while the show was going on. One of them allegedly shouted “Orange County is a white man’s town!”  near the stage. This quickly escalated into a full-fledged fistfight, with almost a dozen audience members getting involved.

Some footage captured by one of our readers (thanks, Guy Incognito!) shows a view of the fight from the front of the audience.

“There was just a huge mob barreling towards me as I was trying to shoot a band,” says photographer Tyson Ellingsen. The neo-nazis, outnumbered as they were, were chased out of the show and badly beaten in the process. Venue security made sure that, once they left the venue, they weren’t able to return.

credit: Slim Shoots Bands

Obviously, most people would never advocate violence at a show. Civility and unity are more important in this day and age than ever before. Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves: What is the right thing to do when perpetrators of an inherently violent ideology make themselves known? It is not a simple matter of free speech but instead an issue of public safety. When any gang, white supremacist or not, makes their presence known in any space, it’s usually either to incite violence or intimidation. Take, for instance, the neo-Nazi who was initially asked to leave for wearing a Skrewdriver shirt. To those who aren’t familiar with the punk scene, it may seem like wearing a particular bands t-shirt is a trivial reason to be asked to leave a show.

The bloody neo-nazi (and shitty band t-shirt) in question (Credit: Slim Shoots Bands)

Skrewdriver, however, is notorious for promoting white supremacist ideology through their music. (If anyone ever tries to tell you that they just listen to Skrewdriver because they like the music, just know that they’re lying through their teeth. They’re literally one of the most awful sounding bands in the world, even by punk standards.) If a gang which holds ethnic hatred as one of their core principles feels emboldened enough to intimidate the crowd of an all-ages show in Garden Grove, what’s to stop them from using those same tactics on a larger scale? “It’s not about beating people up or being a bully, it’s about keeping our scene safe from hate groups,” says one person who was in attendance, but wishes to remain anonymous due to their involvement in the incident.

Unfortunately, Orange County has a bit of history with neo-Nazi gangs. In the mid 80’s, a group of white supremacists infiltrated the Long Beach and Huntington Beach punk scenes and started PENI Death Squad, a racist skinhead gang. Although most of their original members are now in prison or hiding in roach motels clutching their meth pipes, it seems that their influence hasn’t completely disintegrated. Hopefully, through community awareness and vigilance, Orange County can one day keep its citizens free from racial terrorism.


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    1. That guy Austin grant in the comments is right though those 2 Latinos did hassle the older skinhead because of his shirt I heard the whole conversation and I knew a few people who were in the conversation. Before all that happened though those same 2 bald Latino guys harassed my friend because he accidentally bumped into one of them later on they saw my Mjölnir I was wearing around my neck and I heard them talking about me and my Mjölnir and I heard them saying something about me in the pit so they targeted me in the pit and that’s exactly what they did. They say they want freedom of speech yet they silence it they say they want peace yet they destroy it they send death threats and terrible things to the people of right wing views Etc. Etc. The media is brainwashing people and the school system is fucking up the future. The Libtards and Left wing nuts are fucked in the head. I’m proud of who I am and I’m proud of being White that does not make me believe in White power.

      1. I believe you man.. these days the racists are acting up as well as the supposed left wing ideal as soon as I saw this article I knew there was probably more to it.. cuz sorry 2 nazi punks arent gonna go and provoke a multi national punk crowd outnumbered by the whole crowd against them.. not ok’ing or apologizing for these guys possible idealogy …but I’m pretty sure they were provoked..
        On the same hand ..if u get into the history of the punk scene and hsrdcore like this have to kinda happen cuz once nazis feel safe at shows their numbers start growing and showing up until they are the larger number beating up all the others

        1. bullshit,that little latino faggot would have got ktfo.youre full of it.any white guy that would let that little fart smelling wetback intimidate him is pathetic.i have a screwdriver shirt no one says shit.

        2. fuck you faggotass youre a duped fuckhole.punks are racist..,,,,,,,,,,,,, go listen to ska with the homosjohnny rotten king of punk rot hates niggers

        1. I’m not a bigot and who are you to say I am. I’m open to hearing your opinion and I may agree on somethings you say and mabye all the things you say

      2. Stfu. “They say they want freedom of speech. They destroy it”

        You sound like you just discovered counter culture in your liberal arts community college class.

        When your freedom of speech advocates genocide, violence, intimidation and racism aka HATE speech. You deserve to get punched in the mouth and the sh*t slapped out of you.

        You quacks love doing this type of “nazi” stuff in mobs or in “safe” areas. But yall know EXACTLY where the minority populations are, and they are easy to get to. How about going into those communities and trying it? Yall wont bc you are cowards and it’s a lot easier to be in that nonsense in “white” areas.

        Nazis want to be all white everything and are the first ones ordering burritos, nachos, and fried chicken.


        Grow tf up

        1. Black Jack Johnson, i totally agree. (However, fried chicken was originated in Scotland. Just sayin. lol.)
          Anyway, well said. I’m a blond, blue-eyed female who goes to punk gigs, and it’s bizarre how polite the Nazi scum is to me. Nauseates me. In recent years, if they showed up in their little cliques at a show I was at, and started acting up, I would go up to them and ask them to chill. It was weird – just because I’m very white, they would LISTEN. I take advantage of that and always step up, especially when the crowd is especially mixed. I’d ask them to keep their politics out of the spotlight, and just dance nice, and they’d actually do it.

          But that time has faded.. They don’t listen. Thanks to the current administration, they’re in this tunnel vision. They are feeling empowered. It would be nice to think that if their president were to step up and say something useful, it’s not gonna slow down. But wants the conservative vote, so he’ll avoid directly supporting them, and pander shamelessly, so he can keep winning the little bet he has with himself to keep the job.
          We’d better hope they don’t decide to show their faces in a minority-populated area though. They will only do so if they are heavily armed, and we it would be an all-out war that NO one will win.

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      3. If you identify with anything trump says take the hammer off and put your red hat on. My faith isn’t your racist backdrop. #shieldwall

        1. I never said I like trump or any of his ideas. It’s my faith too and our forebears fought to save it and the Christians destroyed so much of it but it is still here our Pagan beliefs and spiritual path will live on forever.

          1. You’re not Norse, fuck off scandiboo poser. Gå och snigla ett rivjärn helvetes jävla grändluder.

        2. Fuck off you larping scandiboo poser faggot. You’re not a heathen. Norse were racist and hated anything that was dark amd non white.

      4. You’re a racist fuck, why did you capitalize White? And what does it mean to be proud of being white? How can you be proud of skin colour? Liking yourself is different from being proud due to membership in a group.

        White doesn’t exist. Do you count Syrians? They’re pretty light skinned…lighter than Italians. It’s a senseless construction, and has only been used to forward racism. So being proud of it makes you an idiot, a racist, or likely both.

        Maybe you got hassled because those guys are assholes. Or maybe because you radiate douche bag energy. But using the word libtard points toward the latter. Fuckwit.

        1. I’ve seen yellow pride shirts.. Black pride shirts and brown pride tattooed on the UFC champ and I have never seen or heard anything bad about it but any mention of being proud of being white..the fastest decreasing race on Earth and I am a racist??? I am proud to be of Irish descent and white is that wrong??????

          1. Yes. You’re wrong and you’re fucking stupid for being proud of something you had nothing to do with, andKohn the stupidity of others doesn’t justify yours.

          1. It’s always considered racist when a white man or woman lays claim to their heritage with pride. I encourage all people to be racist and have pride in the heritage and history of the people they are descendants of because that’s just basic human nature so to me and all concerned they only time race becomes a issue is when prejudice rears it’s ugly head. The world is way bigger than we realize and if you want it build it and if it can be thought out it can be achieved. Greed and fear are our enemies in the war of the mind. We can absolutely achieve more together than we can separately.

            If I were to ask a white man what he does not like about blacks and browns what would he say? But ask him what are you afraid of and he will say nothing because the pride sets in but if I see it we all have something about us the other races desire.
            We all I evetibly serve the same God but all have different pathways to get home. Basic starting point is to learn about the so called enemy and learn about each other and be willing to see it through one another’s eyes

      5. I think it sucks when anyone says they’re proud to be white and get labeled a racist right away considering Whites are the fastest decreasing race in most countries outside of Russia and eastern Europe… Imho

        1. ‘White’ isn’t a race- anyone who says they’re proud of being White is a racist because they are unable to even see the fact that while African American’s had their heritage stolen, Europeans Americans and Russians can trace their ancestry back to their predecessors homeland.

          Be proud of being Irish, Scottish, English, American, Russian, Eastern European (Latvian, Estonian, Finnish, Polish, etc.) or Baltic, or Slavic- but there is no ‘White’ race.

          African Americans or Black Europeans had their heritage, and their families heritage stolen by colonisers and lost; if they don’t know which country their family comes from they can only identify with being Black and not with any country.

          That’s the fucking difference.

          Taking pride in being White is saying you identify with all the racist colonisers that dominated non-White countries. Taking pride in your country of heritage is (arguably) not a problem [although most Western countries have done fucked up shit, so that’s debatable] but no one gets to take pride in being White without it being a fucking joke, since ‘White’ is not a race.

          1. You’re a fucking retard and uneducated beyond belief. There is two such thing as a white race ya fucking faggot, it called caucasian. Apefricans didn’t have thier culture stolen you filthy spook lover. Europeans also come from Europe not Apefrica.

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        2. Fastest decreasing maybe because they didn’t originate from there.

          The white people were all foreigners. They stole land and moved small populations there.

          This is why they are decreasing.
          No natural reserves.

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      6. they had it coming, don’t come to a punk concert with nazi clothing. Stop crying about violence against racists, this is what they want.

      7. Don’t you realize by using terms like “libtards” and “left wing nuts” you’re just proving you’re just as full of hate and the things you’re accusing the “libtards” of doing? Stop being a damn hypocrite. If you are “proud of being white” you are indeed racist. Proud of originating from a country is one thing. Proud of skin color is an entirely different thing. Irish pride, sure by all means have that. White pride? Fuck off with your supremacist bullshit.

        1. Pride of skin color is not an entirely different thing you jew fucker. Go hang yourself ya dick lipped faggot.

      8. Anyone proud to be white is a fucking idiot.
        You can love your scottish, german or french heritage.
        You cannot love white heritage.

        Nazi appeasement is how you get your feet wet before going full SS.

        1. Shut the fuck up you self hating race traitor cuck. You take nigger dicks up the ass while sucking kike dick.

      9. Any white punks who whines about these racist turds being provoked are snowflakes and cowards. White supremacists have been trying to hijack hardcore shows for decades. Wearing a Skrewdriver shirt is itself a provocation. Also, use of the “libtard” exposes you as an insensitive prick who equates disabilities with being subhuman. Being proud to be white is stupid. Whiteness doesn’t exist. White culture doesn’t exist. So how the in the hell can you be proud?

      10. You’re proud of being white? Did you accomplish that on your own somehow? Why not be proud of something you did or achieved. Not some born with privilege that you had no control over. Pretty weak. “Im so proud my white parental units fucked.” Neat.

      11. You’re “proud of being white”? What the fuck does that even mean? You didn’t DO anything to become that way, you just happened to be born from two caucasian parents. Its just a color you dumbass, not an accomplishment. Be proud of things you actually do. Be proud of the mark you leave on the world.

      12. I concur. There are just as many left sided idiots as there are right sided idiots. They’re all parasites. I’m sorry you got targeted for your ethnicity by right fighters, left side has it’s Nazis, too. They just hide behind trying to be politically correct.

      13. You’re an idiot. If you can’t see through the bullshit and understand who is dominating the narrative, you’re really fucking stupid.

      1. Why would I get blood on my self and join the fight it was not my business. I’m only 16 too I got school shit my parents would be mad…oh screw that shit anarchy anarchy

    2. Dude was probably an reject from the 90s scene and trying to get his stripes in still.. at an all ages show. Pathetic

    3. As a veteran of the 80’s-90’s NYHC scene, I applaud the continued assault against prejudice and division. United and Strong.

    4. Hey man, any way we can get the video and show it on our live podcast on Twitch? It also goes on YouTube, and I’ll definitely give you credit for it. Let me know!



    5. I was hoping you’d identify yourself because with that 7 Seconds patch I knew there was no way in hell you were with the Skrewdriver Nazi fuckstain

    6. Could you send me a video? My first punk
      show was RKL at Velocity Studios in ‘94. Two skinheads got the shit beat out of them at this show and I want to relive that glory. Hell, that’s one of the reasons why I feel in love with punk rock

    1. it’s also a good day anytime you sustain lifelong injuries just because. Hope you get robbed and killed walking home since you’re probably a Nazi anyway.

  1. Nazi punks were around HB in the late 70’s- early 80’s, they wore Pendletons and screwed up Cuckoo’s Nest, Old Town, and other clubs. We kicked their ass then, we kick it now.

  2. Fuck unity, fuck sharps, fuck antifa and fuck oc weekly, those pussys get fucked up more times than they jump people that’s why their not allowed in Huntington Beach cuz they’ll get fucked up

    1. Steve, shut your bitch ass up. No one respects the white trash that comes out of HB. You guys are and have always been a joke. Not punk rock. Stick to country you reatarded cunt.

    See any ? BIG PROBLEM if security was there how can they didn’t handle the situation they just let it break out into a brawl ? That’s the worst security I’ve ever heard of that you need to reevaluate your article bud

  4. This story is a load of lies this guy was posted up beside the stage listening to the band 2 young fit Latinos started hassling him about his shirt the guy was completely sober he was confused as to why they were hassling him if he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Then someone decked him in the face and 8 dudes started beating the crap out of him he didn’t swing back at any of them. Then 2 random skinhead dudes saw him getting his ass kicked and stepped on to stop it and got jumped.

    1. you must be naive if you think he just happened to be wearing a Skrewdriver shirt and had no clue why he was being hassled. you wear a skrewdriver shirt to a punk show youre gonna get questioned about it. you might even get your ass beat.

      1. My thoughts exactly you wear a Skrewdriver t shirt for a reason to show that your a Nazi white supremacist if you don’t want your arse kicking don’t wear the shirt end of.

      1. Exactly. Wear a MAGA hat in Compton, Watts or Southside Chicago and see how long it’s attached to a head. Some folks don’t have common sense…others obviously a deathwish.
        Decisions determine destiny.

        1. I know a black guy on the southside of Chicago that wears a trump hat. There’s a bunch of conservative blacks. Plus the motherfukers crazy and I think he just likes to fight nobody fucks with this guy

      1. fuck you faggotass youre a duped fuckhole.punks are racist..,,,,,,,,,,,,, go listen to ska with the homosjohnny rotten king of punk rot hates niggers

      1. The fact that there is a “white supremacist”/nazi with the last name of “NAVARRO” doesn’t make any goddamn sense. Rather it just goes to show how dumb these fuckers are. The videos also more than prove the two nitwits don’t know the first thing about throwing a punch ??.
        Just a trifecta of dumb:
        1. Nazi wears Skrewdriver shirt to All Ages show where the headliner and all other supporting bands are ANTI RACIST = DUMB
        2. His buddy wth Hispanic/Latin/“non white” heritage claims Nazi/WP = DUMBER
        3. Gets in a fight and can’t throw a punch = DUMBEST

        1. Navarro is a Latin name, Latin is a European language dumb ass. Get educated because you’re beyond fucking retarded. Real Latinos and Hispanics are also white. The term latino comes from the latini who were the first people of Rome while the term Hispanic comes from Hispania which is the iberian peninsula. Fuck off nigger loving antifa scum or you can die.

    2. Oh so he got everything he deserved short of permamemt brain damage
      Of course if he was retarded enough to wear a white supremacist shirt to the punk show, he already has it.

    3. Figures. Ridiculous ass shit. I can’t stand the writers of OC Weekly. Get the story straight. Antagonists. Nobody should be harassed or jumped for minding their own fucking business. No matter what.

      1. Exactly. Can’t believe the aggro comments on here by left wingers. This is why no one wants America to turn into what these lefties believe. Wear a certain t.shirt, mind your own business and you get jumped by these left terrorists. It is not illegal to wear a Skrewdriver t.shirt. Freedom of speech, we must have it.

        1. They did have freedom of speech. Oh — you mean you want them to have freedom from consequences of their free speech? Sorry, there is no such guarantee.

          I will defend your right to say whatever you want. And I will also watch you get fucked up for saying it.

    4. This Nazi concentration camp worker was just standing there minding his own business shoving dead Jews into the oven then Allied soldiers came up started attacking him trying to get him to stop he just stood there with this confused look on his face didn’t understand what was going on or why they were hassling him….

    5. If you’re confused about why people are checking you for wearing a skrewdriver shirt then you probably need some sense beat into you.

  5. Damn…it’s the late 80s/early 90s all over again. Sad. Any “proud boys” around or at the show? or are they hipster racist pieces of shit?

  6. To the people wondering about the video I don’t know how to send it but I’ve sent it on Instagram to people and it has spread you can check there

  7. Considering punk has been dead 30 plus years, I’m not even sure what the article is even talking about. 100% percent posers… everyone at the show, the writer of the article, and you reading this.

    1. Okay, you old bastard, we’ll get off your lawn so you can eat your mush and pop viagra so your limp cock can pretend to get hard. Go yell at clouds.

  8. Ah, an old school beat down. This reminds me of the old days in the Lower East Side. I don’t advocate violence but it’s hard to do the right thing when some idiot gets me angry. Racist thugs attacked black men at a Phish show, A PHISH SHOW! It’s getting ridiculous out here. Keep the faith, people! We’ll get past this.

    1. I was in the LES in the mid-90s. Nazi punks were actually a thing. Do you remember a dude named Chet? He was a nazi bitch. Hung out on st Marks.

      1. Absolutely. I lived up above between 9th and 10th across from thompkins square Park around that time. Used to hang around the 7th st and 13th St squats.

  9. I like a lot of horrendous music. Caroliner Rainbow Hernia Milkqueen. Missing Foundation. Psycho Sin. And the list goes on. Even Crass could be considered terrible musicians, because the focus was never on the music. So I was really disappointed when, upon listening to Skrewdriver, they were nothing like people had told me. Really, they started as a Rolling Stones cover band, and even later on they didn’t lose that. If you’re looking for a band whose politics are as bad as their music, look to Angry Aryans, or Deathkey/Intolitarian, or Nyogthaeblisz. For decades people have been saying Skrewdriver’s music sucks, because they are afraid other people will listen to it and become racists too. There are better reasons not to like Skrewdriver than their music. But keep in mind. Some people just like bad music.

  10. My family shot and bombed NAZIs, they killed hundreds of them.
    I have no problem with seeing them removed by force.

    If you remove NAZI bigots you get a peaceful society

    If you remove people who oppose NAZIs you get a violent pack of hate filled racist bigots harming anyone who is not like them.

  11. We kicked skinhead asses in the 80s when they peddled their BS racism in UG clubs in the OC. Its good to see my grandkids doing the same. FO NAZIs!

    1. Should kill you and cut out your eyes and skull fuck your eye sockets while your blood is used for the lube.

  12. Yeah racist Skrewdriver sucks, but not exactly true about all, as the first album with mostly different line up is quality.

  13. Dude knew what he was doing wearing a screwdriver shirt to a punk show, I don’t care if he WASN’T saying anything to anyone… they’re a straight up WP band, and everyone knows it.

  14. As a Trojan skinhead (one who adheres to traditional principles) I advocate violence against racists & bigots. Intolerance will be met with intolerance. There is no room in our scene for racial hatred. A good racist is a dead one.

  15. Their right to free speech ends at the door, they’re on private property and must comply with the owner/management terms. They ban racist iconography then they are in the wrong for attending. They are asked to leave and do not then they are in the wrong for refusing. Security should have acted more promptly to remove them and request the police as soon as they showed up.

  16. I’m really glad this was written. My friends and I go to many punk shows and there are hardly any problems. We love the music, get in the pit, and have a blast. No one gets hurt and we are respectful of the venue and people. However, this isn’t the first time Neo’s have shown up and caused problems. If they come to a punk show or anywhere wearing bigoted clothes or trying to spread or announce their BS beliefs that are hateful and derogatory towards another human for no reason, there’s bound to be a problem. I don’t advocate for violence but they can’t get away with this crap. It’s good that others in our community know this.

  17. Nice to see the Nazis get their asses kicked. Notice nobody ran them over! And as for PUNK MUSIC,it may not sound the same as it used to but I find it awesome that it’s still around. Each generation has their ‘own unique sound’. If ya don’t like punk stay ya punk ass home! Good job getting the nazis out of there.

  18. Damn someone post this to world star… those guys would love to see a punk rock brother literally kicking the shit out of a skinhead haha…

  19. This article isn’t correct, who ever did the interview for this article clearly didn’t know what was going on. This article is just going to cause even more hatred and problems. The reason why the man in the red shorts got beat up is because he soluted the crowd racially and said that oc is for white people only and then he flexed his shirt at the crowd and other people to antagonize and then he yelled out racial slurs. That is the reason why… not just because he’s wearing a screwdriver shirt… so get your fucking facts straight before you start an article. This was an all ages show.. there were little kids there , that saw what he did … they didn’t need to be in that atmosphere. This article is full of bullshit.

    1. No, the guy in the red shorts was minding his own business watching the show with his kid when two dirty rat faced beaners that crawled from out the sewers jumped him like pussies for wearing a skrewdriver shirt.

  20. Racists or not racist only pussies jump people! If you ain’t man enough to fight one on one you’re a bitch! Fuck jumping people! White, Black, Mexican,Asian I dont give fuck what your are! Be man and handle your shit accordingly! Tough guys stand alone pussies run in groups!

  21. Of course had to be Latinos to show some balls albeit they had the skinheads outnumbered. White so-called lefties in the States are overwhelmingly hipster latte-sipping pussies.

  22. This is a reversal of what used to happen in the mid 1980s. The 1980s punk scene was destroyed by violence.
    Don’t be surprised, as a retaliatory response may already be in the planning stages.

    1. One little intelligent tidbit of something I wouldn’t hear of otherwise is what’s kept my interest in punk for so long. Thank you, Nathan.

  23. First you said he was asked to leave for being belligerent, then later the truth comes out as you stated he was asked to leave for wearing a shirt nobody likes. Sounds like he was targeted immediately upon walking in, and followed around being provoked by a bunch of whiny bitches, and then attacked as soon as it was obvious he was outnumbered enough for everyone to get a hit in without him being able to do anything about it. Real brave. Its your kind of fucktard witch hunter mob rules mentality that allowed the 3rd Reich to surface in the first place. All those people did was beat up an old man after harrassing him beforehand. They’re cowards as well as hypocrites. Also I’m gay so stfu before you start calling me a Nazi sympathizer you fucking whiny overprivileged hipster bitches. People died making this a country where folks can THINK and SAY whatever they want. Folks just like you fucking morons that never had to fight for anything.

    1. You’re a naive fool if you don’t understand how giving a Nazi free speech is cancer to the first amendment. Nazism is inherently anti-free speech. Get off your high horse and take a stand, or shut up and stay on the side lines, you fucking coward.

      PS: Milo Yanlopolis is also gay and 2 steps short of a Nazi with his alt-right bullshit. So you can sit down with that shit as well.

      1. Why is nazism anti free speech? It’s you lefties that are anti free speech. You want to silence your opposition. People, whether they’re from America or any other country, have the right to voice their concerns about immigration in their country.

    2. You sound like a cunt. Being gay doesn’t mean you can’t believe ideologies that disapprove of gay people…

      He turned up to a multi-ethnic, family friendly event, in a t-shirt for a band that promotes White supremacy. Tell me more about how he was the victim- boo fucking hoo.

      You actually said that ‘ Its your kind of fucktard witch hunter mob rules mentality that allowed the 3rd Reich to surface in the first place.’ as though people only hate minorities because minorities are asking for respect and to be treated the same as everyone else… Are you fucking joking? Are you seriously trying to say that if only minorities were less vocal, people wouldn’t be so racist? If someone’s rude to you, you don’t turn around and use it as an excuse to believe they are an inferior human- that’s callwed gaslighting; if you honestly think people are ‘making you be racist’ then you’ve actually been racist all along; no one needs a reason to not be a fucking scumbag.

  24. I don’t know what actually happened but if these guys were Nazis, if they support white supremacy and if they were saying shit about OC being a white mans place they deserved what they got. Also way proud of my Punk family for defending others and for showing the world that being a Punk has nothing to do with being a racist or Nazi but just the opposite, inclusion. When I was a kid I didn’t fit in with any group; jocks, preps, stoners….but then I was introduced to Punks and they didn’t care what I wore, they didn’t care about where I lived or that my cousins were Black. They accepted anyone who wasn’t a dick….

  25. Pretty sure PENI was not “death squad” vs. LADS which was LA Death Squad. Learn your shit or quit trying to act like you know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    1. Dude, it is peni death squad…pds. Loser. Learn your shit or quit trying to act like you know what the fuck you’re talking about asswipe.

  26. Looks like nothing’s changed in 30 years or so. If it’s not the racist skins, it was LADS, it was Vicious Circle, it was SOS. Back in the 80s, Fenders ballroom was the place for the shit to start, before that it was Cuckoo’s Nest.
    As was stated, anyone wearing a Skrewdriver shirt… dude he’s looking to start shit, period. LASH, PENI, all that bullshit… looks like the torch has been passed and nobody’s figured it out yet. I’m 58 now.. skinhead byrd (not ‘racist’ skinhead, as that’s oxymoronic) living in Denver these days. Stopped going to shows after awhile because honestly.. it was about watching your back, people assuming you’re a racist because you’re a skinhead. These days, it’s all about the Japanese punk/metal for me. They don’t give a shit … you’re just looked at as a crazy ole white woman. LOL

  27. Kind of reminds me of the late ’80s when all the violence came into the NYC hardcore scene. The violence is one of the reasons the music never brought in more people. Yes, for some it can seem like fun. There are always the tough guys… but there are plenty of not tough people that can add much to the scene. The show is not meant to be an ultimate fighting event. Soon it gets to be a crew thing and that becomes the focus and not the scene.

    1. Comments like this one only confirms people’s suspicions of left wingers and why people don’t want left wingers ruling our country. Killing someone because they have different views to yours is showing that you’re the fascists

  28. Before turning bonehead Skrewdriver made some excellent music. If you don’t like what they were doing in 1977 then something is wrong with your ears.
    Let’s not try to change history here.
    As far as the bonehead with a bonehead skrewdriver shirt: he came to the show to get his ass kicked. (There are people who like that) That’s what’s supposed to happen.

  29. I have the utmost disdain for any one that habors racist mentalities.

    However, am I the only one that sees the irony/hypocrisy in punching nazis/racists for the sole reasoning of them being nazis/racists?

    If they are starting/causing violence, fine, punch them in the fucking face. Relentlessly.
    If they are minding their own business, leave them be.

    You are no different than they are if you initiate the conflict. Telling someone that they wrong because of an appearance. In turn, making yourself a fascist…..

    Kind of a pot and kettle situation, don’t you think?

  30. You white lefties will one day be begging for Nazis to return when the coloured races become the majority in the USA. And when the non whites have the majority of power in the government, and when they start making you second class citizen, and when the United Nations makes you give your house and land to an Indian family. You’ll be praying for the day when whites get their rights back.

    1. Speak for yourself. I’m white and that kind if thinking is ridiculous. “We” don’t need to always be the majority and hold the power. “We” are the human race, and the USA is diverse, that’s what makes it great. And if that was your happen “We” deserved it.

  31. Stfu. “They say they want freedom of speech. They destroy it”

    You sound like you just discovered counter culture in your liberal arts community college class.

    When your freedom of speech advocates genocide, violence, intimidation and racism aka HATE speech. You deserve to get punched in the mouth and the sh*t slapped out of you.

    You quacks love doing this type of “nazi” stuff in mobs or in “safe” areas. But yall know EXACTLY where the minority populations are, and they are easy to get to. How about going into those communities and trying it? Yall wont bc you are cowards and it’s a lot easier to be in that nonsense in “white” areas.

    Nazis want to be all white everything and are the first ones ordering burritos, nachos, and fried chicken.


    Grow tf up

  32. What a load of shit, I like Skrewdriver but disagree with the WP Politics same as a majority of RAC bands, working class and great skinhead music….
    like you wouldn’t be able to call me a nazi specially with a bad brains tattoo 😉

    All this PC stuff is getting out of hand, you look back st the NYHC scene in the 80s and even black dudes where wearing Skrewdriver shirts…. you aren’t gonna beat up a black dude for wearing a skrewy shirt Now are you??

  33. Everything was ok until you said “In the mid 80’s, a group of white supremacists infiltrated the Long Beach” Long Beach didnt have Peni you fuck tard! Long Beach had and still has Long Beach Skin Heads. Which are Mexican, White and Black. Get your facts straight.

    1. Actually the Original Pen1 was from Long Beach and wasn’t a Nazi gang . It was a punk gang that got turned in the penitentiary in the 90s. There are the facts.

  34. I don’t care about any excuse. If you ever came to the polka inn with that shit you got served. Just a bunch of people amped on music ready for a good beating. Not smart.

  35. The violent “hate” comments I read only show the
    hypocrisy of the left.You leftists condemn the far
    right for violece, yet 90% of comments were pro
    vio!ence towards people you disagree with. The
    very same thing you condemn !
    Leftists loudly & often claim they are the vanguard
    of tolerance & inclusion, yet in reality you are only
    tolerant & inclusive of views yoi agree with. Leaving
    you leftists appearing intellectually dishonest and
    disingenuous. Where as we on far right claim our
    intolerance & exclusive views, one might say i ts
    one of our planks..
    40 years in the white power movement and proud
    of it!

    1. Robert J Mathews, you’re confusing liberalism with leftism. Liberals are tolerant and it’s that tolerance that’s been taken advantage of by right-wing crackpots for decades. Leftists have never professed tolerance. Remember the slogan “This guitar kills fascists” on Woody Guthrie’s guitar? Leftists were the first ones ready to smash fascists and kill Nazis. So fuck you. I will not be tolerate of scum like you and I will gladly punch a white supremacist in the face while wearing holding flowers in my left hand.

  36. Where is freedom of speech? Attacking someone for voicing their opinions is far more fascist and sheeplike than anything.
    Sounds like a lefty anti racism persecution movement in the making.

    1. Freedom of speech protects you from government suppression NOT criticism for one’s opinions. It’s time you take a civics class.

    2. Anti-racism suppression? That was a serious sentence? How dare they suppress subjective views of skin pigmentation. Where are the state authorities to stop them from voicing their opinions?

      Shoe on other foot. Can I make Rightard a word in your honor?

  37. I was part of the punk scene in New Orleans back in the 80s. When the skinheads showed up at first it was just a look and a clique, until they started getting serious and bringing in some real scary dudes from Alabama and the like. After that, it became clear what their agenda was and the fights began, until they once day curbed one of my friends, who was a really nice, well liked guy, and it was the most evil, disgusting things I’ve ever witnessed. After that it was game on and we (blacks, whites, Hispanics, asians, punks, mods goths, you name it) beat the shit out of the skins until they finally left town. If they show up, even as a minority, I’m sorry to say that they’re reputations precede them and their intent cannot be underestimated. If they instigate, then they need to be dealt with swiftly or else they will continue to multiply and become emboldened. Fuck all fascist skinheads period.

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  39. Wow. Ok. Back up and read all your comments. You’re all being racist. Smh
    Fuck anyone that tries to tell me anything within you group of contradicting keyboard warrior pussies. ??

  40. Justifying violence. A bunch of hypocrites. There is freedom of speech. If that freedom of speech is not within your thinking you justify being violent. I think you’re even worse than the skinheads.

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  42. Omg you people are so way off especially OC Weekly. Fake news in the highest form. All this political bashing is so ridiculous its pathetic to even read some of the comments on here but exactly what fake news wants all you knuckleheads to do.. The guy is actually a musician, a drummer to be exact and was on the stage enjoying the music when this all went down as you can see in the video. He didnt say anything to anybody nor do anything racially motivated what so ever during, before or after the concert. Does anybody have video of him doing so? So when these punks who were obviously just looking to fight because thats what these little punk asses do at these events, he told them when they started to ask him questions about his shirt he was just there for the music and even told them he was there with his son ( not a bunch of skinheads) who was off to the left of the stage and seen the whole thing. He is not a Nazi or skinhead so if you think you beat one up you didnt. What you little punks did was beat up a 40 year old man in front of his son for no reason at all but for wearing a 30 year old t shirt. Its all just a shame nobody can go out and enjoy music or a concert in your own hometown and have all this animosity with race bullshit because that whats this was. Why cant people just enjoy life, music and not assume something about someone because of there clothes, tattoos, hair color, skin color and I can go on and on about differences in people. But most importantly the mother of his son is half Hispanic and I’m just glad you punk didnt touch that boy because if you did you would have gotten more than the chancla!!! Peace to you all!!

  43. You all need to go back and learn your history on the REAL Skinhead. For you dumass retarded lefties and rights and people who think they know what a Skinhead is… You lakes it’s not a fucking Label idiots. It a Way of life dumb fucks. A true SKINHEAD isn’t Racist for all you un-educated fucks. There is nothing wrong with having a belief or an opinion, We SKINHEADS are sober , work hard 9-5, and support our children and family and don’t believe in dating outside of our own color for the simple fact that our kids could be picked on and or bullied in school and growing up. Love know no color or race weather your white, black, brown, or yellow your blood is just as red as mine. And every man is his own man and has the right to his or her own beliefs and upbringing. So for those who use the word racist when talking about a SKINHEAD really get your facts straight before you start the diarrhea of the mouth stfu until you know your history on a SKINHEAD

    1. You’re uneducated as fuck and nothing about skins. Real true skins are racist and always have been. Skins formed from European blue collar workers who were tired of immigrants moving into their country and taking their jobs. The skin attire comes from their work attire. You really think nigger rude boys started the skin culture, please. How are blacks gonna start it when flight jackets are jackets European soldiers wore and doc martins were created by a german national socialist. I swear you stupid fucks are beyond delusional and retarded. I can show you excerpts from the 60’s and 70’s of what skins thought about niggers and can tell you they hated them. Every race hates niggers, this is a proven fact.

  44. you antifa faggots never kicked anyones ass,that bllood in the pic, is from the mosh pit,if you antifa pussies want to fight name the time and place.we will have the i.e.d.’s ready for you.look at that skinny tranny or whatever in the pic,”seige”….this is a typical liberal faggot,these nazis aint even nazis,we never let anyone know we are,and who we are, is the most well armed fastest growing group worldwide.and when we get our opportunity,all this shit talking you do in your little faggot blogs will be taken out on your commie asses.while we stomp you into submission,and its not just nazis,there are over a hundred white extremist groups that have been doing this much longer,we will eliminate your social media and them we will eliminate you.heads on spikes of whiite traitors who found empowerment fighting the brown mans wars.and by the way,punks arent liberal faggots,maybe green day is,but sex pistols the ramones,they were pro white ,so stop claiming to be punks,a better name would be snowflakes or something.ive noticed these scum are trying to hijack the punk name,when you are everything a punk is not,you are more like those ska stop claiming to be punks….you guys are pedophile supporters and no that was not photochopped,admit it you fuck kids you dirty filth.your future is grim all the shit you envision is just a fucking pipe dream.

  45. They didn’t even get their ass kicked. Bunch of pussy nigger loving kikes had to jump them like a bunch of bitch niggers and still couldn’t even knock them out, fucking pansies.

  46. You an5ifa liberal faggots gotta go all the way back to the 80,s for a victory that didn’t even happen.lolwere gonna slash your fucking throats you bigger loving scum.punks are Nazis not liberal faggots get it straight,you goons have zero to do with the punk scene un5il those fags green day showed up.youre pathetic and you aren’t just fighting Nazis everyone hates you faggots.

  47. those arent nazis you pos liberal homo.nazis were a well oiled fighting machine which would have hung hook nosed bloggers and tranny friendly meterosexuals like yourselves off a fucking piano wire.believe that.that looks liker a mosh pit full of filth to me,.so fuck antifa you dickless are satan’s army of freaks.

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