Nekter Juice Bar: Fresh Food Items and Free Drinks!

Nekter's gone through renovations, updates and promotions in the last month. If you're a fan of their liquid nourishment, we've got all the juicy updates ahead.

Why would a brand with “juice” in their name decide to add items that don't require a straw? Because eventually they all do. Starving people cannot should not live on liquids alone. Sometimes you just want to chew.


With regards to food, they're currently rolling out fresh (read: non-liquid) alternatives to things you sip through a straw. One of the dishes is fresh, spiraled zucchini “pasta”, served alongside vegan marinara. A Spanish quinoa salad includes avocado, cherry tomato and cilantro, plus a side of cumin lime dressing. Our favorite salad has strawberries, spinach and almonds with a white balsamic vinaigrette. Currently the items are only available at their remodeled and expanded Costa Mesa (off 17th) or Quail Hill (Irvine) stores, but will be released at all locations soon.

Next up are two opportunities to earn free juices. Did you know there's an app? Neither did we. Folks have a hard enough time remembering frequent user cards, but we NEVER forget our phones. If you download the app onto your iPhone or Android, you're eligible to redeem your first reward: a free drink! The other option is to purchase $25 or more in gift cards. By doing so, you qualify for an immediate 16-ounce juice or smoothie. Shop and sip without breaking a sweat.

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