“Negative Space”

Location 1980 in Costa Mesa is an art space and gallery that skips over all the pretension and high price tags found in the southern half of our fair county, and instead devotes itself to the local artist community. They offer studio space and workshops (both guided and un-instructed), but tonight they present an event worth putting on some clean pants for. Their newest exhibit, “Negative Space,” is a cerebral look into the representation of this abstract concept by nearly 20 artists. It's defined as a collective study of “being and nonbeing,” as well as (stretch out those brain muscles) “Sartre's Nothingness, it's the mind and the spirit. It's the angst which makes revelation possible, it is the revelation. It's the spectrum of human emotion, and an element affected in a work of art to create (im)balance.” Mind expanding, yes, but it also makes for some beautiful artwork.

Fri., Feb. 28, 7 p.m., 2014

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