Naugles Alert: Soft Opening NEXT WEEK!!!

The last time we discussed Naugles, Gustavo wrote up the grassroots campaign by food blogger Christian Ziebarth to boot Del Taco's ownership of the defunct Mexican brand. Christian Z.'s next goal: open a Naugles branch. As luck would have it, we recently crossed paths with him while headed to dinner.

Amidst talk of friends and his upcoming nuptials, we inquired about a Naugles update. He responded by saying they're aiming to soft open next week! If you're craving some grub, we've got the all-important details.


Previously a deli named Pig N Parsley, the Naugles relaunch will be at 18471 Mt. Langley in Fountain Valley. Per Ziebarth, “It kind of fell into our laps, and we figured we'd be dumb to not take it.” He's calling it a corporate test kitchen, due to its modest size. Reminiscent of the Mexican kitchen Naugles originally had, come with an appetite.

On the opening menu: tacos, burritos, nachos and taco salad (ranging between $2-$7 per item). Burgers and fries will be included later on. Rumor has it a former Naugles employee will be on staff to get you all nostalgic. A credit-card friendly site, bring a few bucks just in case.

Something brand-new: Stubborn Soda. A fancy line of dispenser beverages, expect fun flavors like black cherry with tarragon and agave vanilla cream. Izze will also be on site with some tamer pours. We sense a traffic jam at 405/Euclid next week.

Stay in touch with the Naugles movement by checking their website and Twitter account @Naugles.

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