Napalm Death at Casanova, Our Drink of the Week!

Scotland … where the men wear kilts and the sheep are nervous. Home of the world's greatest Scotches, one of them being Drambuie that figures in over 100 drink recipes, including Kiltlifter, Ball Bag, Sexaholic, Felcher (after a sexual practice we are not gonna explain further) and, uh, Warm Woolly Sheep. Drambuie is the most un-whisky-tasting of Scotches. Sip it the first time and you're thinking liqueur and leggy, black-stockinged mademoiselles in smoky Left Bank bistros, late-night jazz clubs on Lake Como, strobe lights and pounding disco on Ibiza. Heather honey and secret herbs produce a sweet, perfect chaser for postprandial coffee. Drambuie has either a romantic heritage–the original rebel with a cause, Bonnie Prince Charlie of 1745–or the best, total-bullshit PR campaign of all time.

One of the 100-plus drinks is Napalm Death. It can be enjoyed at Dana Point's classy and friendly Casanova, one of the few places in the OC cosmopolitan enough to offer a patio for cigar aficionados. Sssmokin'!


ingredients alone set off alarm bells: one part each Kahlua,
Drambuie, Baileys and Cointreau, in that order, in fine layers, in a
shot glass. Slowly savor the aroma–coffee flavors with rum; the
headiest of honey; creamy Irish whiskey; bitter oranges–and admire
the solid look of the concoction. Swirl it gently and the aroma
changes subtly and delightfully. It should be a cologne. Drain the
glass, hold the contents in your mouth for a second or two, then
swallow. The flavor burst is Ben Webster's breathy saxophone on “Chelsea
Bridge.” This is sex in a shot glass–it should be called “Little Death.” In the meanwhile, no heavy breathing at the bar, please.

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