Wear Your Own Light Show

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For your next trés-chic electronic-music party (or rave, if you still go to them), you may want to don this doozy of an invention: the beat dress.

Gearfuse's Sean Fallon breaks down the components of this fabulous garment for you:

“The spectacular 'Beat Dress' seen above was part of a project conducted for a Fashion and Technology course at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University. The light show comes courtesy of 10 detachable patches on the dress that are equipped with 10 LEDs. There is also a microphone and a small equalizer connected to a microcomputer that picks up ambient sounds or music. When detected, the computer instructs the LEDs to light up in time with the beat. The cool 3D effect is produced by two layers of see-through cloth and a single layer of nylon that help to 'spread the light from the LEDs to larger clusters.'”

Gives new meaning to the compliment, “You look radiant.”

(Thanks to bailee for the tip.)

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