Wayne Coyne's Balls: A Tribute

There's a lot of reasons why you are a fan of The Flaming Lips, reasons that keep you buying their records, doting over their every creative step, watching Christmas on Mars and pretending like you know what the fuck it's actually about. But when it comes to their legendary live show, I think Wayne Coyne's balls deserve a lot of credit. Sorry, that came out wrong. I guess it would just be one ball, and it's really more like a bubble than anything else. Wow, how low we have to stoop to catch your attention.

Anyways, like I was saying: in the midst of all the confetti cannons, mother ships, laser beams, flash light animal dancers and acid trip visuals that envelop every Flaming Lips gig, there's no denying that we're all still waiting for one thing before the night is over. As he makes his way to the side of the stage, excited fans hoot and holler as Coyne wraps himself in a limp rubber sack (that also came out wrong) that is inflated by his crew until he stands triumphant, sealed in a giant bubble for all to see.

Chances are, if you've been lucky enough to have Coyne crowd surf, stumble or lay on top of you as he normally tends to do, you probably have some video of it. You wouldn't believe how many rubber ball videos exist on You Tube. I've taken the liberty of throwing a few up after the JUMP. Consider it a warm up for the joy you will experience as Coyne's ball touches you for real when The Flaming Lips come to the Fox Theater in Pomona tonight. Hope to see you all there…ball gazers.

Traveling in a bubble can be exhausting:

If it weren't for the rubber, Wayne Coyne would probably hold the record for “Most Touched Man in the World”.
Seriously, how could this ever get old?
And you know, sometimes it's just cool to take your bubble out for a stroll

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