Tonight: Sweet DJs At The Crosby, Posse On Broadway in Santa Ana

It's a little obscene how much OC Weekly love that Santa Ana bar/restaurant/book store The Crosby has been gotten. Gustavo needles the place from time to time, but this week we published a rave about the joint's food. Before than, we gave it a cover story.

So, before I give props to The Crosby's musical line-up for tonight, I will offer this defense: I've never been there. See? No conflict of interest. I might even hate the place.

Anyways, in addition to Long Beach's Scotty Coats, The Crosby has lined up the Australian DJs that call themselves Canyons for tonight. They're signees of the legendary house/dance-punk labels DFA and Modular. Take a listen to “Fire Eyes” on their Myspace. Very fun, very immersive, very… DFA, ya? Presented by Shepard Fairey's OBEY. An impressive get for Orange County, though places like the Crosby mean we'll be able to make that statement less and less.

It's part of Posse on Broadway, Mute 97's occasional downtown Santa Ana party. Click on the map in the post to see all the happenings, or visit the official website. Calendar editor Erin Dewitt labels Posse on Broadway as “awesome,” FYI!

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