TONIGHT: Local Natives, The Growlers, The Union Line Invade LA

Los Angeles! What's with that city? It claims to be all original and shiz, but look at LA's Oh My Rockness rundown for tonight. Four shows get billing. Two of them are dominated by OC bands. That's 50%!

OC in LA option one: Local Natives, The Union Line, The Outline, and We Barbarians at Spaceland. We've written quite a bit about Local Natives, the South-OC-turned-Silver-Lake band formerly known as Cavil At Rest. They've been getting some solid SoCal hype and made an appearance at South by Southwest. Tonight marks the beginning of the quintet's month-long residency at Spaceland. The undercard this evening is pretty exciting, too: San Juan Capistrano's The Union Line made Albert and I swoon at the Gypsy Lounge in June, while We Barbarians toured with Tokyo Police Club. Plus, We Barbarians is from Long Beach, so we're more than happy to claim 'em as ours.

Option two: The Growlers at the Echo. Cool venue for one of the county's coolest, hard working, rockin' but vaguely surf-guitar-y bands.

Option three: Stay at home, watch Shark Week programming. What? We have sharks in Orange County, and I bet they sometimes head up to LA. Totally on theme here.

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