Today in Music News: The Strokes, She N Him, Flaming Lips, Aerosmith

  • While frontman Julian Casablancas serenaded the good people of Southern California this past month via his residency at the Downtown Palace Theater, it appears other members of his band the Strokes were making plan to regroup, return to stage and studio.
  • Flaming Lips to cover Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. For most bands, this would be a pointless exercise of hero worship. But, chances are, the Lips will rework these classic cuts with their own special brand of quirkiness rather than serve up a slavish homage. Or so we hope.
  • “Aerosmith is too good a band to sit around and twiddle their thumbs,” Joe Perry tellsĀ Rolling Stone. We beg to differ. And find it hilarious that Perry thinks the band can continue sans Steven Tyler — and be taken serious. Then again, has anyone taken Aerosmith seriously in the past, say, three decades?

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