Three (Relatively) New Albums to Look Out For


Album is a seemingly pill-popping-induced record that has its ups and downs–just like life, and just like pills. Girls are a San Francisco two-piece made up of Christopher Owens and Chet JR White. Now, there's no doubt that Album is made from the churning aftermath of a terrible breakup. But it feels like Owens is singing about his heartache on some sunny Californian beach with a pizza and a bottle of wine. Album shares musical qualities with artists like Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly and Conor Oberst. The production on this record suits the band very well, and works to their advantage. For anyone who's ever been hurt by someone else–which is uh, everyone–this is a must-have record.


Julian Casablancas
Phrazes for the Young

It seems whether it's Julian or the Strokes, rarely is proper credit given where credit is due. Really? The Strokes are definitely one of the bands responsible for saving rock and roll for our generation. Now Julian, front man for the Strokes, has just released his first solo record, Phrazes for the Young, consisting of heavy synthesizers, drum machines and triple guitar solos–what more could you ask for, right? And all the while, Julian casually throws in his signature lazy croons. Album title Phrazes for the Young was inspired by a series of Oscar Wilde one-liners called Phrases and Philosophies for the Use of the Young. Track highlights from Julian's album include: “11th Dimension,” “Left N Right in the Dark” and “Tourist.” I recommend buying the Deluxe Version, extra songs that probably should have been on the record.

Atlas Sound

Bradford Cox is a portal to another world of music. Normally serving as the front man in the “ghost rock” band Deerhunter, Cox has just released his second album, Logos, under his solo side project title, Atlas Sound. Logos is a record with heavily textured organs, twinkling chimes and high altitude guitars. Tracks like “Shelia” and “Walkabout” begin as if they were rusty gears not properly oiled. But before you know it, you're sliding through slick, sunny pop songs. Cox's adventurous mind has led him deeper and deeper into a musical genre that he has created and is now the landlord of.

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