The Crosby Is Hiring

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Ever since you read this story in OC Weekly (or perhaps even before that momentous occasion), you've been eager as hell for The Crosby to open its damned doors over on 4th and Broadway in Santa Ana. Now it appears that the time is imminent for this club/bistro/bar/book shop/art gallery/epicenter of the cultural universe to make its splashy debut.

After the jump please read The Crosby's call for employees. Maybe you have that special bundle of qualities it will take to work for what potentially could be the OC's hippest joint.


This is a Wake up call!
If you're reading this message, chances are you know the story. You know who's behind the project and what to expect. The opening date for The Crosby is right around the corner and we're currently gathering a team of dependable, like-minded, individuals who can vibe well with our concept, handle their duties, and have a good time doing it. We're aiming to create a destination of culture, inspiration, and quality, while pushing new concepts. Along with our food and drinks, we will tie in the arts with a bookstore, art installments, and provide entertainment on a nightly with live music/DJs.

As an employee, you will be constantly exposed to the world of visual arts and music in an environment that breeds creativity. We would like to find people who are just as into these aspects of life as we are. We want you to feel like this is yours. The goal is to be able to collaborate, share ideas, and maintain productivity in a positive environment for yourselves, your fellow workers, and our customers.

We're here to build a family, but first we have to function. This is a business of service, arts, and entertainment. We are starting from square one in a fresh new area with a brand new concept. As we are literally putting everything we have into getting this place on it's feet, we can't promise hefty salaries to our employees. So if you're not just looking to solely pull a fat paycheck, and are honestly interested in growing with us and our concept, then The Crosby is for you.

Thank you for you time and we hope you can join us as we push for what's next in Orange County.

Now Hiring:
Bussing positions
Retail (bookstore)

Hours of Operation:
Mon- Sat (11:00 AM – 2:00 AM)
Sun (closed)

if interested contact or send resume to:

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