The Clueless Leading the Deaf

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A truly fearsome device.

OC Weekly freelancer Michael Coyle sent me this article (“How To Destroy A Profitable Industry In Just A Few Easy Steps”), which originally appeared on and is winging its way 'round the blogosphere. It's a pathetic saga of how some major-label execs repeatedly made foolhardy decisions when dealing with emerging digital technologies.

You know the drill by now, but it never gets old reading about it. The short-sightedness, incompetence and sheer idiocy outlined in this piece by Howie Klein (the former Reprise Records prez who was one of the few industry bigwigs to understand the implications of the internet) are staggering. Crap really does rise to the top…

Read it and weep (or gloat, especially if you're into experiencing schadenfreude).

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