The Clinic: The Cure or a Scourge?

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Our latest Locals Only feature by Erin DeWitt on Santa Ana-based venue The Clinic, which was full of positive quotes by OC musicians, inspired the letter below (all of which is reprinted here unedited).

The clinic is one of the worst venues that i've been to in my life. All these claims of “punk” are lies and the term “Punk” should not be associated with the clinic. It was never started as a punk venue, it was started as a venue strictly dedicated to the “noise” genre.

They claim to be a punk venue but how could they be this when they ban bands that speak their mind. What ever happend to “free speach”? Obviously its not welcomed at the clinic. It is a place run by kids that are governed by highschool politics. “If we don't like you, you don't play. If we don't like what you say about us, you don't play” Punk rock, i think not.

This venue is all about the $$ and that is very sad. They've screwed numerous bands and fans out of good shows. If you don't play bu their rules, they cut your set to 5minutes and don't care if the crowd paid to see you.

A “no booze” vene? i think not, you mean a no booze venue for the people, yet i have counted numerous times the “security” guards chugging some coronas in the back.

I think you should speak to alot more of the bands that have played there that have had a negative experience with the clinic. The clinic isn't so great, it may be all Santa Ana has, but i'd take the drama of a backyard party any day to the clinics hidden agend and highschool politics any day. A venue dedicated to bringing bands for the youth of santa ana, but yet they deprive many of Santa Ana's up and comming bands of playing at the clinic. Bands that are not wanted their becuase the owners of the clinic feel that a certain band won't bring them enough $$$. Because in the end, thats what the clinic wants. Since when was punk about the $$$. A bunch of sell outs in my opinion. Punks, i don't think so. A bunch of sad idie kids trying to bring their crappy noise music to the masses.

Whew! Strong charges. This reader/scenester obviously paints a very different picture than that portrayed in our column. So I'm asking bands that have played The Clinic to respond to her accusations. Did The Clinic treat you like dirt or with respect? Are the guys who run the joint money-grubbing douchebags or altruistic supporters of OC's all-ages punk scene? Or are they something else altogether? If you're simply someone who attends shows at The Clinic, feel free to relate your experiences there.

Sound off in the comments box, pronto! Thanks.

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