The Antlers Coming to The Glass House to Confuse LB Music Fans

We recommend seeing the Antlers on Nov. 3 at the Glass House.

No, not Crystal Antlers, the Long Beach buzz band. Just Antlers, the New York buzz band. You're puzzled. It's okay. Here, let's compare and contrast.

We've written plenty about Crystal Antlers. They're pretty loud, kind of a psychedelic hardcore outfit. There's six people in the band. Their next local show is Nov. 21 at Detroit Bar.

We've written nothing about the Antlers. They're pretty moody, kind of a psychadelic shoegaze emo outfit. There's three people in the band, though it's really one guy in charge. Their next local show is Nov. 3 at the Glass House.

Got it? Alright, real point of this post: You've gotta prepare for this Antlers show. Go get a copy of Hospice, their latest full-length, and enjoy. It's a concept piece in which a cancer patient child stands in for the narrator's significant other, who's really just a self-destructive female with daddy issues. Yeah, it sounds bleak and it sort of is. But it's also an awesomely sculpted, cohesive work of feedback, nursery rhyme piano lines and trembling vocals. There are rocking moments and catchy choruses, but it's all in service of the story. Check the video for “Two” below.

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