Steve Aoki at Detroit Bar Dec. 28

Steve Aoki celebrates another smooth transition.

A lot of people talk shit about Steve Aoki (a.k.a. Kid Millionaire), especially in OC. He's just a trustafarian, some say (pops founded the Benihana restaurant chain). His DJ skills are wack and his selections mediocre, others claim. He's a marketing whore and the epitome of hipster-dance-scene douchebaggery, yet more others accuse.

But Aoki is making things happen, playing out several times a week worldwide, running an indie label (Dim Mak) with a decent roster, promoting Dim Mak Tuesdays at LA's Cinespace (ground zero for the area's indie-electro-dance hipsterati), overseeing a clothing line, designing headphones for WeSC, lending his name to designer kicks by Supra, and basically putting his savvy Japanese-American fingers in as many avant-ish urban-culture pies as he can. Dude verily is nightlife to many clubbers and a certain sector of the media. Odds are, he's bringing joy to a lot of people's lives. And for every lame event he DJs for thousands of dollars, he can release a few great records by deserving, obscure bands. So maybe he deserves some respect. As Jigga said, you can't knock the hustle. (Well, you can, but hustlas will still giggle all the way to the bank, no matter how much Haterade you chugalug, son.)

I haven't seen Aoki DJ yet, but I have an idea of what he'll spin after googling him within an inch of his life (I'll buy you drinks all night if he doesn't play at least 5 Ed Banger or Institubes trax, that damnably ubiquitous Outfield remix I secretly like, and something by MSTRKRFT or Spank Rock). I'm not expecting to be blown away by adventurous selections, mind-boggling deck tricks or seamless segues. I'll probably be more impressed by his attire and adoring throngs than I will be by his cuts, but whatever the case, this night is sure to be a hipster clusterfuck of spectacular proportions. You may want to look your hottest, too, in case Aoki bud Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter shows up.

Does my envy look fat in this hoodie?


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