Souled Out, Now with Many More People

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So I strolled into Memphis Café last night to check out Souled Out, curious to see if this week's Sprawl of Sound column had any effect on the turnout. What I found boosted my spirits—and those of DJ TSC1 (Sean Harris), the long-time host of this stellar night. Compared to the last few visits here, during which a glum ennui enveloped the space, Memphis was humming with activity, conversation and, of course, excellent specimens of soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop and disco from Harris' bag of delights. Several folks even started dancing and engaging in PDA. Body heat was palpable. The weekend was starting on Thursday, apparently. One could even forgive Harris for making a few concessions to the party people by playing the Jackson 5's “I Want You Back,” Chaka Khan's “I Feel for You” and Musical Youth's “Pass the Dutchie” (okay, that last one was kinda pushing it…).

Now it may be presumptuous to think that Sprawl of Sound could instigate such a startling turnaround in attendance, but I would like to believe that the article had some impact in luring the crowd there. One thing I do know: it spurred notorious recluse and previous SOS subject John Basil to make the scene. Whoa. I may have just reached my peak of influence as a music journalist; you'd best believe I'm gonna savor it.

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