Show of the Day: David Archuleta at the Grove of Anaheim

Few shows split the masses like American Idol. Millions live for the program. 

Me? Not so much. 
I have seen a total of about 12 minutes. Simon Cowell makes me want break stuff as do most of the histrionic-prone vocalists featured on the show. 
But I do like what alum Kelly Clarkson has done with her career and Adam Lambert's debut disc rocks in an awesomely over-the-top glam kinda away. Plus, it's fun to watch him flaunt his gayness and make his conservative fanbase (former fanbase?) squirm. 


As for David Archuleta, the teenager who took second place last year, well, let's just say he's young. He has a strong, much more nuanced voice than the vast majority of 18-year-old singing sensations and might some day make a mature, noteworthy pop album. For now, though, I find a song like his smash “Crush” pretty annoying. Of course, legions of young female fans, and their moms, disagree with me and will probably pack the Grove tonight.

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