Sesame Street Going on 40: Five Lessons We've Learned

If you were born a baby boomer or younger, chances are that, as a result of being raised by television, you grew up along side Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie. Come November 10, the Sesame Street gang will have been coaching generations of Americans through their ABCs and 123s for nearly 40 years. The only thing more impressive than its title as the longest running US children's program, is the way Sesame Street continues to remain relevant throughout the decades. Celebrate by watching our top five Sesame Street lessons learned.


The Days of the Week:

Roosevelt Franklin hasn't been around since the early '70s, but when he was, you would most likely catch him dishing out lessons due to an absentee teacher or bursting into lyrical rhymes that border on spoken word. Although these tendencies weren't exactly PC, they were damn effective for helping us get our days straight.

The Ponzi Scheme:

Understanding the happenings of the stock market can be overly complicated for adults, let alone 5-year-old children. In this clip, Ernie and Cookie Monster help break the mechanics of a Ponzi Scheme down to beautiful simplicity.

Open mindedness:

Nothing encourages kids to keep an open mind like allowing someone live in your garbage cans. In a time before his signature green fur, Oscar the Grouch literally shows how one man's trash can be another man's treasure.


Ernie teaches Bert and 40 million children across the US that if you don't get something by asking for it, ask for it louder.

Trash Talking:

Cookie Monster gives an unintentional crash course in talking trash behind someone's back on National Public Radio.

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