Playlist: Songs about Southern California

The sun finally reappeared today and I decided to play tourist. I've been promising my family pictures of where I live for the past two weeks. I'm from Florida. My parents have never been to California. Only one of my three younger siblings has visited the state. 

So, I got on my bicycle and clicked a bunch of pictures of where I live on the Balboa Peninsula of Newport Beach. Only a tiny portion of Southern California, I know, but it got me thinking about quintessential songs about the region: Beach Boys, Weezer, all kinds of stuff. 
These are popular songs. Songs that have stirred my imagination for years. Songs about a place that seems strange and exotic and, well, magical if you grow up on the other side of the continent. Here's my SoCal playlist.


“California,” Joni Mitchell
“California Girls,” the Beach Boys
“I Love L.A.,” Randy Newman
“L.A. Freeway,” Jerry Jeff Walker (written by Guy Clark)
“Under the Bridge,” Red Hot Chili Peppers

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