New Releases: 08/11/09 – Cobra Starship, Single From Brand New

The second Tuesday in August brings us some notable new releases including, The Fear of God, from Showbread, Let's Build Something To Break from After Midnight Project, Hot Mess from Cobra Starship, and a new single from Brand New, who's latest album, Daisy, hits shelves on September 22. 

Hot Mess is Cobra Starship's third full length release since forming in 2006 after the band Midtown split up and lead singer Gabe Saporta decided to venture into the synthpop, alternative dance rock that is Cobra Starship. 
“We always referred to [the song] as 'Smash it Up,' because the chorus goes …. … smash it up…. But then, one of the shelf kids said we should name our album 'Pete Wentz is the only reason we're famous.' And we said “Fuck you kid! We're also famous because of Patrick Stump.” But we did like how that title rolled off our tongues. So we decided to name this song that. Because it talks about our cocks.”

Thanks for clearing that up. 

On to the next matter, the new single from Brand New is called “At The Bottom,” and is available on their MySpace and iTunes. Here's what the new album looks like. 

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