My Bloody Valentine Rumored to Be Playing Coachella 2008

All rumors and reports regarding My Bloody Valentine should be viewed with skepticism, but this one has the air of legitimacy about it. According to The Daily Swarm, MBV's original lineup is reuniting and hoping to tour again in 2008. Coachella reputedly has offered the UK group a 7-figure fee to play the Indio, California festival, which is happening April 25-27 next year.

MBV effectively have been on hiatus since 1991. The band's last two albums—Isn't Anything (1988) and Loveless (1991)—revolutionized rock music through their unprecedented guitar sounds and fusion of shattering noise, blissful ambience and gorgeous melodies. MBV went on to influence hundreds of bands, most of them not fit to carry mastermind Kevin Shields' plectrums (plectra?).

Below, check out the videos to “Only Shallow” and “Soon,” MBV's disorienting, sensual alterna-hits from 16 years ago, and realize how feeble most rock bands today still sound in comparison.

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