Monotract's Trueno Oscuro

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Trueno Oscuro
Release date: April 24, 2007

Imagine the surly tempers of motorists inching along in bumper-to-bumper traffic on one of Orange County's gorgeous highways. Distill that fury into a three-piece band in a studio, and you have a general idea of the aural mayhem and vein-busting tension wrought on Monotract's Trueno Oscuro.

If you're familiar with Load Records (and if not, what are you waiting for?), then you'll have an inkling about Monotract's aesthetics. This Providence, Rhode Island label has been one of the world's foremost sources of noise-rock/ambient dread/psychedelic POW POW POW for 14 years. That being said, Monotract—Nancy Garcia (guitar), Carlos Giffoni (electronics), and Roger Rimada (drums)—are one of Load's more nuanced acts. Which means that they obliterate song form with a high degree of finesse and even conceive tunes that you can occasionally whistle through gritted teeth. But when the time comes to drop the 9-ton shit hammer of hertz, Monotract do so with pitiless guile. Not only that, but they put the hiss in catharsis. Remember that when you're ensnared in your next traffic tie-up.

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