[Locals Only] Tan Dollar Add It Up

Add It Up

Two Chrises—Thorne and Balingit—plus one Liz (Suh) equals Tan Dollar, an indie-ized, psych-pop outfit all about chasing that layered sound, and then recording it on EP after EP (or at least thatNs how it seems. Does anyone have a pocket calculator?). Rooted in improv, Tustin/Irvine and Joy Division, this trio already have two N09 EPs to their name, and they are about to release an LP.

For a bunch of teens (with a max age of 19), the band, together for a six short months, are quickly becoming a nonstop sound machine. While Tan DollarNs self-titled debut is lyric-centric, putting the pop in psych pop, Pink Sky is more focused on the sonic and atmospheric, presenting all-time highs and lows—think droning organ, resonating bells and chimes, minus the whistles. Predominantly instrumental and very experimental, Pink Sky offers a jingly-jangly mix of keys, synth (so thatNs where all those echoes are coming from) and only one of the usual suspects (cymbal-happy drums)—with the exceptions of “Grow-Op” and “The Turning Point,” on which ThorneNs and SuhNs lilting, talk-talk-talk vocals mesh at a picked-up pace.

Although we expect that sound-chase to continue with their LP, Your Body As a Temple, the band are currently not in the studio—theyNre headed up to NorCal to tour. Either way, youNd just have to listen to those EPs, available free on the bandNs blog (tandollar.blogspot.com), back-to-back to hear how it all adds up.

Tan Dollar with Railcars, Tempo No Tempo, Magick Orchids and the Endless Bummer at UC Irvine, Social Science 103, Campus and West Peltason drives, Irvine, (949) 824-5011; www.acrobaticseveryday.com. Sat., 8 p.m. $5. All ages. Tan Dollar can be found online at www.myspace.com/tandollar.

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